'Odd I's' Series

Lenstown Launches 'Odd I's' Series With Trendiness.

There are 7 types, from one-day lens to monthly colored contact lenses.


Lenstown, a colored contacts brand that is attracting the attention of the younger generation due to the launch of various color lenses.
Lenstown has launched its new product "Odd I's" series that stands out in trend targeting strict MZ generation consumers.
The Odd I's series is an item that actively reflects their needs targeting demanding MZ generation consumers, focusing on the various personalities of the MZ generation. Odd I's Daily contact Lenses attracts more attention by capturing trendy and comfortable wear with its clear color and simple graphic design.
The Odd I's series adds a sensuous feel to the makeup style by applying natural graphic design and sophisticated ash color to the original eyes. In addition, Odd I's has a wide range of choices to suit individual tastes, ranging from simple one-day use lenses to monthly use lenses, to the wearing period, tone, and graphics.


'Odd I's' Series
Since Lenstown has strong confidence in the color sense to be called a color master brand among consumers, the bright, sparky brown color and mysterious and fascinating gray color of the Odd I's Collection are enough to stimulate the consumption of the MZ generation. It is made with enthusiasm to match both warm and cool tones, so it is worth wearing odd eyes at least once. It will give their signature eyes to the hip and casual daily look of the MZ generation.



* Detailed information on the product can be found on all social channels in Lenstown,
including the official Lenstown website or official Instagram.