contact lenses are attractive in a variety of colors, from gray to yellow to brown. Makeup is important to make use of the charm of organic contact lenses. By pressing down on the highlights, the organic contact lenses will naturally fit into the makeup. If it's natural contact lenses or makeup, it goes well with black hair, so please try it!

Here are the points of natural makeup and how to match contact lenses!

Makeup Point 1: Make your skin shiny and transparent!
Makeup Point 2: Make your eyebrows parallel and fluffy!
Makeup point 3: Sauce eyes make natural cute!
Makeup Point 4: Lips with matte or gradation!
Makeup Point 5: Small size natural contact lenses!

By pressing the above five points, you can complete the natural make up. If you complete your makeup properly, you'll be able to get used to it's easy to get used to it .It's a natural finish, so it's easy to match bright hair color and black hair.

Points to Note when Using Colored Contact Lenses

About Colored Contact Lenses
All contact lenses, including contact lenses, are medical devices. Therefore, it is recommended that you make sure to see an ophthalmologist in advance before purchasing, not at your own discretion. Know the results of the examination and choose the one that suits you. Before wearing the lens, make sure it has a valid expiration date, whether the degree or BC is the right value for you. In addition, please wear it for 8 hours a day, strictly observe the lens care method, and use it correctly.

Don't use it when you have eye problems.
Please refrain from using it if you have eye problems, dry eyes, or allergies. In addition, if you feel dry in your eyes, use eye drops exclusively for contact lenses.

About the installation time
The installation time varies from person to person. Please refrain from wearing it for a long time and from wearing it if you feel overworked, sleep deprivation, or eye fatigue. Long-term wear can cause dirt on the lens and can cause problems such as pain. Also, be sure to take off your lenses when you go to bed. In case of pain or discomfort, discontinue use immediately and consult an ophthalmologist.

About the handling
Be careful not to touch the lens with soap, shampoo, cosmetics, etc. Also, if you touch it with your fingernails or sharp objects, it will cause it to tear. Lenses used by others are at risk of infection and should not be replaced or shared. Be sure to use a special product when cleaning.