E-mail us your Instagram account and Membership ID.
E-mail subject should be Request to become a supporters [Membership ID]


1. Must have at least 5K Instagram followers.
2. Post on your Instagram within "5 days" after receiving the product.
3. Join "LENSTOWN Global Membership"
4. All applicants (who are satisfied with the above conditions) will receive a $5 coupon.
- Coupon usage period: Until December 31, 202.


1. Post "Photos of sponsored products" and "Photos with lenses" to your Instagram and send us a link via email to lenstownglobal@pielinter.com
2. Maintain the post on your Instagram for at least one 1year.
3. Honest feedback / review on our website https://lenstownus.com/


1. Once a month, supporerts may choose one for personal use.
2. Once a month, sponsor will send you one for the post.
3. Sponsorship for newely launched product.
- Supporters' benefit will be immediately suspended, if you do not comply with the conditions.

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