It has become a must-have item for fashion, but have you ever felt that the hurdle is a little high for easy enjoyment?

"It's something you can put in your eyes, and there are so many kinds that I don't know."
"Are contact lenses safe in the first place?"

In order to answer these questions, I summarized the key points of choosing contact lenses.
It's important to get the right knowledge so that you don't fail in your important contact lenses debut!

To avoid eye trouble by choosing contact lenses that don't suit you, understand them correctly and enjoy them safely.
Please check it out.

for proper and safe use of contact lenses
see an ophthalmologist

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In the first place, contact lenses are medical devices classified as advanced management medical devices.Some people say they don't go to ophthalmology because they can easily buy them online, but to use contact lenses safely, make sure to see a doctor before using them.
If you see an ophthalmologist, you can accurately measure the numerical values necessary for choosing contact lenses such as base curve (BC) and PWR (degree).

In addition, you can practice removing and removing contact lenses at ophthalmology.
I've also experienced it, but I'm afraid of getting foreign objects in my eyes, so it doesn't work at first.If you wear it in the wrong way, it may damage your eyeballs, so you should definitely see a specialist for guidance.

see an ophthalmologist regularly
Let's have a regular examination, not just once.
If you wear contact lenses continuously, you can wear them once every two or three months, so you can feel relieved if you check if there is any abnormality in the cornea or the fundus.

Ophthalmology has a long waiting time, so it may be troublesome to see a doctor one by one, but it is said that contact lenses for eye correction are more likely to cause eye problems than using contact lenses for eye correction.
Let's have them check it regularly so that we don't regret it!

maintain thorough daily hygiene
Use a special cleaning tool for contact lenses and store them in the right way.Poor lens hygiene can lead to eye diseases such as poor eyesight and infectious diseases.

Also, it is important to keep the expiration date of the lens.
I understand why you want to spend more than the expiration date to save money, but if something goes wrong with your eyes, it will be more expensive.Do not install it beyond the expiration date.

Let's follow the rules of use to enjoy contact lenses.

contact lens terminology that one should know at least

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Lens Diameter (DIA)
The lens diameter (DIA) is a number that indicates the size of the lens itself.
DIA is usually determined by the type of lens, so you don't have to choose the DIA individually when you buy the lens.
However, the DIA also changes depending on the colored diameter that will be explained later, so if you choose a contact lens with a larger colored diameter, the DIA will also increase.
The larger the DIA lens, the less oxygen it can take in, so choose one that is not too big.

Base Curve (BC)
The base curve (BC) is a number that indicates how bent the lens is.
The smaller the BC, the tighter the bend, and the larger the BC, the more loose it becomes.
BC's small products sometimes feel that the eyeballs are tightened instead of being easily dislocated.On the other hand, if the BC is too large, the lens will slip easily.

The base curve on your eyeball can be measured by an ophthalmologist, so let's tell them when you see a doctor.

colored diameter
Colored diameter is the diameter of the colored part of the lens.When you want to make your eyes look bigger, you choose contact lenses with a large colored diameter.
Let's choose the colored diameter carefully because the impression varies greatly depending on the number.
Generally, the smaller the number, the more natural the impression, and the larger the impression, the more flashy the impression.

The key to choosing contact lenses for beginners not to fail

Then, what should beginners be careful about so that they don't fail in choosing contact lenses?
Check out six points to avoid failing with your first contact lenses!

1. The colored diameter is based on the golden ratio of the eyes.
The color diameter changes greatly depending on the number.

It's hard to decide how to choose.
I want to pick a big one and make it flashy, but if it's too big, it's going to float.

When you get lost, choose according to the golden ratio of your eyes.
"The ""golden ratio of eyes"" refers to the ratio of white to black eyes that make the eyes look the most beautiful."
White eyes on the inside: Black eyes: White eyes on the outside are said to be ideal for 1:2:1.

First, measure the width of the entire eye with a measure or ruler.If you divide it by 2, the colored diameter will be perfect for the golden ratio.
For example, if the width of your eyes is 25mm, the colored diameter that matches the golden ratio will be 25 22=12.5mm.

2. Impression changes depending on the colored diameter!
If you change the colored diameter, the impression will change completely.
If it's smaller, it'll look natural, and if it's bigger, it'll look flashy, so let's choose it based on the golden ratio.

It is also recommended to buy various sizes and use them differently depending on the situation.
For example, if you go on a date in a formal place such as work or school, or if you go on a date at a dark time such as dinner, you'll look great if you make it a little bigger!

3. DIA is not too big
If the lens diameter (DIA) is too large, the cornea becomes difficult to breathe, so it puts a strain on the eyes.Therefore, it is not suitable for beginners who are not used to wearing contact lenses for a long time.
DIA 14.0-14.2mm is said to be the average size, so if you get lost, let's choose this size.

4. Starting with the 1DAY type
There are types of contact lenses such as 1DAY and 2WEEK depending on the expiration date.
When choosing the first contact lenses, I recommend the 1DAY type.
Because it is disposable, it is hygienic, and it has the advantage of being able to try many kinds.

5. Choose the type that takes care of eye health as much as possible.
As mentioned earlier, contact lenses are classified as advanced management medical devices and are positioned as devices that increase the risk to the human body in the event of side effects or dysfunction.
In order to continue using it safely, you should take care of your eye health, such as choosing one with high oxygen permeability.

You can easily buy contact lenses at drugstores or online, but some of them are not safe.You should be especially careful because products that are too cheap may use harmful colors.

6. Something comfortable to wear
In the beginning, wearing lenses will make your eyes feel tired.
Let's prioritize the comfort of wearing contact lenses for the first time.
Products with high oxygen permeability are comfortable to wear, so if you choose those products, you will feel less tired even if you use them for a long time.

Recommended design for enjoying the natural feel
When you wear contact lenses for the first time, you are worried that you might become conspicuous at school or at work.

In such a case, choose contact lenses with emphasis on the natural impression.
There are many designs for contact lenses, so if you choose the design that suits you, you can control your impression.

By choosing a design that emphasizes natural feeling, you can prevent only contact lenses from floating strangely or changing your impression to the point where you feel uncomfortable around you.

Smaller colored diameter is best
Again, contact lenses with small colored diameters give a natural look.
Sometimes I want to change my impression by making it bigger, but just choosing contact lenses according to the golden ratio changes my impression enough.
Let's choose a size that is a little small.


"No footwear" or "Blurred footwear"!
Some contact lenses emphasize the outline with clear edges, while others blur the edges to make them less noticeable.
The dark contact lenses have the effect of making the black eyes look bigger, but they are also too clear to fit into the atmosphere.
By choosing contact lenses with no edges or blurry edges, the boundaries between the white and black eyes become familiar and natural without any discomfort.

"I recommend ""Blurred Fuchi"" to those who think it might be a little unsatisfactory without a border..."It gives a very natural impression even though the black eyes look clearer than without edges.

Choose the color that fits your eyes
Color is also important when choosing contact lenses!
If you choose a color close to your eyes, you can put it on naturally.
Many Japanese have black or dark brown eyes, but if you choose a gray color rather than a black color or a little lighter than a light brown color, you can put them on without any discomfort.

Checkpoint for preventing unnatural contact lenses
"Isn't that contact lens unnatural?"

Have you ever seen a person whose eyes are only floating on the batches of bees in the city?
No matter how much you want to change your impression, if you overdo it, you will often end up with a strange appearance.
To avoid such an unfortunate situation, check to see if you've done too much!

Isn't the colored diameter too large for the black eye?
I want to make my eyes look bigger, so I feel uncomfortable when I choose contact lenses with too large a colored diameter.

Make sure the colored diameter is small.
Even if the colored diameter is slightly larger than your own black eye, you can change your impression enough.
Let's keep the golden ratio of the eyes of 1:2:1!

The color of the lens may not match the color of your eyes and hair!
If you choose a clear black or dark brown color because you want to improve your eyesight, your overall balance may be broken.
If it's a darker makeup, it may still fit, but if it's a calming makeup or hair color, it may float, so be careful.

If you're styling in a calming fashion, choose a color that's closer to your eyes and hair than a clear dark color.
The overall balance will improve your impression.

If you really want to use dark colors, choose the type of contact lenses with gradation in multiple colors.
It gives you a natural three-dimensional effect, so you can get used to your eyes and make them clear without losing your balance.

The color is too strong!
If you're not a fashionable person, it's safe to avoid claiming too many strange colors.
For example, colors such as blue and green are sometimes introduced as foreign-style contact lenses, but only the lenses stand out except for those who can quickly decide on fashion in total.
When choosing a color that is more difficult, choose a transparent shea color.
Shea-colored lenses make it easier to get used to because you can see through the naked eye.

special attention to first-time contact lenses
Let's be on time.
Each contact lens has its own wear time.
Do not continue to wear it for more than the set time for each product.
Also, if it's your first time to wear it, let's make it shorter.

Day 1: 6 hours
Day 2: 8 hours
Day 3: 10 hours

It would be good to wear it for a long time little by little, as shown in .

Also, make sure to remove it before going to bed.
I sometimes forget to take it off because I'm sleepy, but it's really not good for my eyes.
In severe cases, contact lenses and eyeballs may adhere to each other, so make sure to take them off before going to bed.

stop using immediately if one feels uncomfortable
If you feel uncomfortable, such as pain, haze, or rolling eyes, stop immediately.
Also, if you feel dry or tired, stop using it and see an ophthalmologist.

at the end of the day

For those who choose contact lenses for the first time, we have introduced the key points of how to choose them.
There are many kinds of contact lenses, so you may be worried about what to choose, but if you have the right knowledge, you can use them safely.

If you choose the contact lenses that suit you, your impression will change completely and you can enjoy your new self.
Please try various things and choose the best contact lenses.