[Colored lens] Stylish vacation must-have item!

These days, the summer vacation season is getting faster due to the phenomenal heat wave.Accordingly, more and more women are preparing vacation products in line with the exciting summer vacation season. One of the must-have makeup items, ‘Colored ContactsLenses’.

This summer, Lens town recommends colored contact lenses that will make the day's look perfect with makeup suitable for TPO.


romantea ring 1day

If naturalness and hygiene are important to you!

Daily lenses are hygienic and easy to carry.

If you plan to create a more natural mood with a pair per day, let's look at Lens town's "Romantea Ring" collection. Just by wearing it, you can create a calm and clear impression by naturally mixing your own eye color and the color of the lens. It's not burdensome to take pictures with lovers or friends when you wear "Romantea Ring". Let's create a charming memory of the day with a clearer and more atmospheric impression than others.

The " Romantea Ring " collection comes in three colors and consists of black, gray, and brown.


lighly rose 1day

For each day with different style!

No matter how tired you are, let's not sleep with contact lenses on!

If you pack disposable contact lenses in a pouch according to the number of vacation days, you can become a goddess by matching different outfits with Lens Town's “Lighly Rose” collection every day! The graphic diameter is 13.0mm, which is the most popular size for consumers, comes in six colors and consists of gray, beige, berry, olive green, cacao, and rose. The circle line of moderate thickness has a clear and brilliant effect, making it by far one of the best-selling daily-colored lenses in Lens town.


tobetter 1day, 1month, toric

Two-tone lenses are the trend these days?

This summer, two-tone design contact lenses are on the rise!

With the launch of various ‘To better’ collections, Lens Town offers a wider range of choices, including the wearing period, size, color, and use of astigmatism for two-tone lenses. The “To better” collection is largely divided into a regular size of 13.1mm and a large size of 13.5mm, and even launched for astigmatism, many customers started looking for it through word of mouth.

The subtle combination of the two colors attracts attention with a trendy design, making it look like the eyes of the main character in the fairy tale. Depending on the selection of the main color base (black, and brown), it is possible to create more attractive eyes by naturally blending with your own eye color. In addition, the “To better” collection is divided into one-month wear and one-day lenses (10pcs), and the one for astigmatism can be worn for a period of three months.


romantea london 1day_1monthromantea tokyo

I am the main character for this vacation!

“Look at me. I'm the star of the day!”

If you want to emphasize makeup with colored contact lenses that give you a sparkle look during the upcoming vacation season, why don’t you look at Lens town's "Romantea London" and "Romantea Tokyo" collections.

The "Romantea London" collection was released in three colors: brown, gray, and green, as well as one-day contact lenses and one-month wear contact lenses. The unique color of "Romantea London," which features a trendy ash color, naturally melts over my eyes, giving me a more stylish look. The diameter of the graphic is 13.3mm, which makes your pupils grow without being excessive, and you can create a different atmosphere depending on the makeup.

If you want to appeal your charm with a special presence on a special day, how about Lens town's "Romantea Tokyo" collection” with a graphic diameter of 13.5mm, the collection has been released in a variety of colors, including Hazel Brown, Warm Gray, Khaki Brown, and Peach Brown, as well as astigmatism lenses in two colors, Brown, and Gray. The biggest feature of this product is that you can choose the color of the item according to your skin tone (cool or warm tone) according to your personal color.

If you enjoy fancy makeup or bold style, why don't you try it this summer!


Written by Lens Town, PR department.