Lenstownus Launches Halloween Limited Collection 'Eyetume Spooky'

What style of Halloween makeup do you want to do?

alloween makeup is an essential part of creating a spooky and exciting Halloween look to accompany your costume. Here are some general Halloween makeup ideas that can work well with Lenstownus. We can help you if you want to more specific ideas.

Lenstownus is an online retailer specializing in fashion/beauty contact lenses that is attracting attention for its outstanding color and design. There are various cosplay contact lenses, but continuously developing new styles and making use of the brand’s unique personality. For this Halloween, Lenstownus just launched a 1-day lenses of Halloween limited collection "Eyetume Spooky".


The biggest feature of Lenstownus's "Eyetume Spooky" is 1-day lenses consisting of 5 different styles in one package that comes with intense costume styles and is made of 1-day lenses that were not easily found, so you can experience this collection will not only create the optimal spooky effect, but also maintain eye health. If you are often seeking for something different or are into Cosplay makeup, it is a perfect item to mix and match "Eyetume Spooky" 1-day lenses with unique patterns and colors with attractive makeup for special events.  


The "Eyetume Spooky" collection comes in five designs in one pack. Spooky dawn, Spooky Dynamite, Spooky Eruption, Spooky Hellbound, Spooky Thorny that 5 different styles will help you to have fun Halloween, with comfortable fit.


The "Eyetume Spooky" collection by Lenstownus sounds like an exciting addition for Halloween makeup enthusiasts! With five different styles in one pack, there's plenty of room for creativity and experimentation.


Here are some specific Halloween makeup ideas to complement each style of lenses from the "Eyetume Spooky" collection:

  1. Spooky Dawn: Create a mystical fairy or ethereal creature look with soft, pastel colors for the eyeshadow and a touch of glitter. Add some delicate face jewels or stickers for a magical touch.
  2. Spooky Dinamite: Go for a bold and explosive makeup look with vibrant, fiery eyeshadows in shades of red, orange, and yellow. Pair this with bold eyeliner and mascara for a striking effect.
  3. Spooky Eruption: Embrace a volcanic or lava-inspired look with deep red and black eyeshadows blended to create a smoldering effect. Add some shimmer to mimic the glow of lava.
  4. Spooky Hellbound: Channel a dark and demonic vibe with a smoky eye using black and deep purple eyeshadows. Enhance the look with dramatic winged eyeliner and bold, contoured features.
  5. Spooky Thorny: Opt for a dark, enchanted forest or sinister fairy-inspired look with deep green and brown eyeshadows. Accentuate the eyes with leafy or thorn-like designs using eyeliner or face paint.


Remember to tailor the makeup ideas based on your personal preferences and creativity. Pairing these makeup looks with the unique patterns and colors of the "Eyetume Spooky" 1-day lenses will undoubtedly enhance your Halloween transformation and help you achieve the optimal spooky effect!


"Eyetume Spooky" can be purchased from the end of September on the Lenstownus online website.