We sell a wide variety of contact lenses for astigmatism. The astigmatism contact lens package contains numbers along with letters such as AXIS and CYL. Do you know the meaning of these letters and numbers?

This article introduces what these letters and numbers mean and how to order astigmatism contacts. Please refer to Lenstownus when ordering astigmatism contact lenses!

What is AXIS and CYL of astigmatism contact lenses?

Colored contacts include "SPH", "AXIS", and "CYL". This is the degree of contact lens.AXIS and CYL are specialized for astigmatism contact lenses.


SPH (Sphere) is spherical in the form "-1.00", "-3.00", and "-4.75".The larger the value, the stronger the degree, the more "-" and "convex" are used for short-sightedness, and "+" and "convex" are used for long-sightedness or presbyopia.


CYL (cylinder) refers to the degree of astigmatism of the cornea and lens distortion.Like SPH, it is written as "1.25", and the larger the number, the stronger the frequency.


AXIS represents the angle of astigmatism and is sometimes marked AX.If correction is not required, it will not be recorded. It is written from 0° to 180°.

The contact lenses for astigmatism must include CYL and AXIS, which are required when purchasing contact lenses for those with astigmatism.

When ordering astigmatism contact lenses, the following data are required for each of the right and left eyes. 

PWR (degree) or SPH (myopia)
CYL (astigmatism) and AXIS (axis)

In some cases, this plus BC (base curve) value is required.

Did you know that the contact lens package contains DIA (diameter) and EXP (expiration date) Lot (lot number) in addition to the above numbers? Please make sure to check these numbers before purchasing.

By the way, as for BC, if the contact lenses are the same, there is almost always only one value even if the degree or color changes. A single base curve is designed for most people.

When ordering astigmatism contact lenses, you should be most careful about CYL and AXIS. In particular, the axis of astigmatism in AXIS must be chosen correctly. If you order a different angle by mistake, it may be difficult to see the other way around, let alone correct astigmatism.

The astigmatism lens package has a different numerical representation than the near-sighted lens.If you don't know the values of CYL and AXIS, you can't buy astigmatism contact lenses that suit you, so you should measure them at the ophthalmology department before purchasing them.