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How to Buy Colored Contacts from LensTownUS
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How to Buy Colored Contacts from LensTownUS

Best Colored Contacts Lenses Online  | K-Pop Idol Contacts | Worldwide Express Shipping. So, you need some colored contacts. Maybe you’re putting together a cosplay, trying to create a striking image for your...

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The difference between contact lenses and soft ...

Can contacts lenses lose pigment with a cleaning solution? There are three types of cleaning solutions for soft lenses: hydrogen peroxide, iodine and MPS. Hydrogen peroxide and iodine cleaning solutions...

Colored contacts have become a wildly popular option to give
your beauty routine some fantastic pop and drama. Whether you are emulating the
latest K-pop craze or want to turn heads when hitting brunch with your friends,
using colored lenses to accentuate the mystery and allure behind your eyes is
an excellent option.


However, choosing the best possible color that brings out those unique qualities and natural tones in your skin is crucial to achieving the perfect look. That is why we wanted to gather the best tips our team has for selecting incredible circle lenses that compliment your skin tone. Let’s dive in!

Start by Determining Your Skin Tone

You cannot paint a masterpiece without having a canvas. The same is true for colored contacts. The first step in choosing the perfect colored lenses is to determine your unique skin tone. These range from cool to neutral
to warm and everything in between.

The goal is to find quality colored contacts that appear
somewhat invisible, so they align with your natural appearance. Unless you want
to stand out for cosplay for a special event. You also don’t want to select a
pair that superimpose over your natural eyes, so they look more fitting to your
presentation and fashion sense.

In general, your skin tone will be:

 1 – Cool Skin Tone

You are looking at the undertones in your skin to see what fits
best. A cool undertone appears pink or light blue in complexion. Your veins will lean more toward the blue spectrum, and you may be considered “fairer” in appearance. Another big hint is if you burn easily under the sun or rarely get tan.The best-fit colored lenses for you will be in shades of blue,green, purple, or gray. These create a more homogenous and natural look that creates eye-to-skin harmony.

2 – Warm Skin Tone

A warm skin tone is a little bit of the opposite of cool. Your
undertones appear more yellow or eave with some peachy/golden to medium dark
features. Your veins will typically lean toward a green spectrum. You easily get tan under the sun and rarely receive a burn.

For you, check out the colored lenses in shades of brown, orange, and yellow. You should also consider hazel or light blue, as these will contrast pleasantly with your darker shade.

3 – Neutral Skin Tone

We saved neutral skin for last because you are essentially in
between light and warm tones. Your undertones will have a good mix of cool and warm features, and your veins will be a blend of blue and green. You also can
tan in the sun but will get burned if you stay out too long. You are one of the lucky ones because you can wear practically any circle lens color. However, be sure to look at light browns, hazels, and greens, as these are popular with current influencers and compliment your skin the most.

Don’t Forget Hair Color

After you have taken the time to consider your skin tones, be
sure to look in the mirror at your gorgeous hair. The color of your locks, regardless of style, can impact the way colored lenses appear on your face.

In general, warmer tones work best with brunettes, while cooler
tones are better for blondes. If you are touched by fire with red or auburn hair, consider moving to colored contacts in various shades of green or blue.

Black hair is the lucky winner in this category. That allows you
to paint your eyes with pretty much any color you want.

Be Sensitive to the Season and Special Occasions Your skin tone may shift according to the time of year or when you are attending special occasions. It is no big secret that we can all get a
little flushed in the face at a wedding or dance with that special someone a little too closely. That is why you want to consider having a decent selection of colored lenses to pick from at your home beauty station. That way, no matter if
you are hitting a costume party or getting ready for a gala, you are well covered.

Caring for Your Colored Contacts

Now that you’ve spent the time to find the best-colored contacts
for your skin tone, you need to maintain those items using some simple cleaning and storage suggestions. The goal should be to maintain the quality of the
color by handling them gently and avoiding harsh chemicals. Other tips include: Use a gentle
contact lens solution Always wash your hands before handling the lenses Store circle lenses in a clean, dry case and replace the solution regularly Never share your colored contacts with anyone else Remove the
contact before sleeping and showering Following these tips ensure your colored contacts from LensTown remain in the best shape for your beauty routine.


With the tips we’ve outlined above, you should be able to select the perfect colored contacts that suit your unique skin tone. Remember to take
good care of your lenses and have fun trying on different shades for added drama or personality.

Whether you are looking for a subtle beauty accent or a more
intense appearance to shock and awe, we have a wide selection of the best colored contacts. Shop today and transform your eyes into mysterious pools of wonder and delight, enhanced by our team at LensTown!

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Because of their crucial function, the eyes are very complicated organs. Yet, they lack any kind of immunity. Some of these characteristics may be passed down from generation to generation, while others may first make themselves known during a person’s formative years. Lastly, some unhealthful behaviours may have a pivotal role in the aetiology or progression of specific diseases.

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Do Astigmatism Treatments Exist?

Astigmatism makes it hard to focus on nearby and faraway objects. They have no idea what they’re looking at since they can’t recognise the shapes or particulars. The front of the eye, known as the cornea, becomes abnormally curved, causing this disorder. Nearsightedness and farsightedness are both produced by aberrant light reflection, which may be brought on by corneal scarring, muscle tone, or the form of the tissue around the eye.

In almost all cases, prescription toric colored contacts is all that’s needed to correct this issue. Although they are the most cost-effective method of treating astigmatism, they are not always advised. In certain cases, they might even make things worse. Nevertheless, remember that glasses aren’t your only choice when it comes to dealing with your astigmatism.

The Other Approach

Another typical approach for correcting astigmatism is by using astigmatism colored contacts. Many people are comfortable with these kind of visual assistance. They’re not awkward to sport (unlike glasses) and won’t leave any marks on your face