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Lighly Clear
Comfy eyes

Very comfortable to wear, no issues while wearing for over 10 hours


just as i expected, thank you!

Would be my go-to

These are my favourite graphics and colour for everyday contacts! Especially since they’re silicone hydrogels. Sadly I realized I can’t use these Toric lenses because I can’t customize the axis on these. If I could I would wear these everyday.

Color is very natural !

Color is very natural brown just like my own eye color. However the contact feels very thick and drying. At times it moves a lot and is hard to focus

So cute

These were really cute on and surprisingly natural

Very comfortable ~

Tobetter Big Brown
Areesha Khalid
sooo good

look so good on medium brown skin and really enlargen the eye

Simply fantastic !

Great natural colour not overly exaggerated and comfortable to wear ! Will definitely buy this amazing product again

One of my favorite, natural brown-colored contact lenses

I have been looking for such lenses for centuries lolol After I started to use this color, I became a regular of Lenstown. They have all the colors I was looking for

What Happened?

These are great lenses, comfortable and show up well even on lighter eyes. But they've nearly tripled in price since you started selling on Facebook. What a shame.

Kiralet Blue Toric
Raymond Quinones
Great Lenses

Beautiful and natural.
Advice, carry rewetting drops with you, as they tend to get dry after 2 to 3 hours.
Great vision and great quality.
Don’t wear everyday.

Subtle but comfortable

i initially thought these are going to be more vibrant, but they are very subtle, but so comfortable. I can get a whole day (8-12 hours)wear out of it without my eyes feeling uncomfortable.

Very Nice

These are very comfortable and the color is subtle but very nice

Beautiful but not comfortable for me

Beautiful but not comfortable for me

Muze Green
Sherry Thomason
Contacts by mail

Great value and products

Good for everyday use!

I wanted contacts just for style but not too dramatic and these are perfect!

Color is not very vibrant

I got the toric prescription. I want to love it but it's not very comfortable. I find myself blink and closing my eyes a lot of adjust the lens. The color is also not very vibrant too. It's more on the darker side, very subtle. If you have light eye color, maybe it will show more but dark brown eyes won't show very much.

recommended for dark eyes 👀🥹

Omg it’s so pretty and make my normal size eye look cute and bigger and helps my makeup stand out more and I love the color for dark brown eyes and I look weird because I don’t have my fake lashes on 😭


my favorite lens so natural

Very comfortable and looks very natural, perfect for daily wear. I would definitely purchase it again!

Champagne needstem hyperopia

Beautiful contact lenses! They look fantastic on, make your eyes sparkle and look bigger and I loved the color


I love how it looks<3 Enlarge my eyes <3 Real color was same as product photo!


I love how it looks<3 It is like yellowish hazel. FYI real color was a little less vibrant than this photo, because I used flash for this photo and it appeared more vibrant than real one (^^;) But anyways it looks very cute and perfect for gyaru make up <3

Finally contacts that work for my astigmatism

After trying so many different types of custom toric contact lenses, I'm super happy to finally find a brand that corrects my vision almost perfectly and doesn't feel uncomfortable with long wear. I have very strong prescription for lenses and quite a lot of astigmatism, but I had no problem wearing these. They give me almost as clear of a vision as with my usual clear toric lenses. The best thing about these is that they stay put very well, and after initial adjusting into the eyes, it didn't move much at all. My vision stayed clear for almost 100% of the time, and I didn't need to rotate the lenses. The material is comfortable and light, the lenses don't feel too thick or more drying than normal lenses. For the first day I was actually able to wear these for 11 hours, but I don't recommend it because they got quite drying towards the end. But I can easily wear these for 6-8 hours for sure, which is tough for me even with my usual clear lenses. The color is a super pretty light brown color (not natural brown) and the enlargement effect looks very subtle and natural.


Lenses were comfortable and really great for long hours of wearing. Highly recommend