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I did not get the items yet and I want a refund! Please proceed it asap. Thank you.

It is like a clear contact lens

I see no difference between the before and after. And the diameter is slightly smaller than mine. Just wasted my money… haha… :(


great color, comfortable, like it


Guess what I received were two expired pairs since the date on the container is from last year. I sent an email asking for some clarification but unfortunately never received any response :(

Great delivery - poor service.

Shipped and delivered within 3 days as promised - but zero contact from multiple emails and messages to Customer Service. One of my lens was torn in the package and when I put it on it was scratching my eye. Definitely happy with everything but this.


These contacts are very high quality and the colors are absolutely beautiful. My items were very well packaged and arrived quickly. I will definitely be a returning customer.

the color is exactly as pictured

I wasn't sure about this gray color when I bought it because I have dark brown eyes and I wasn't sure how gray was going to look. But these turned out to be a great choice. The way the color lenses are designed they look more blue-ish gray than just straight gray. The lens are designed to blend in with your natural eye color so it looks slightly different on everyone. They're a great every day wear-not drying at all. I highly recommend it.

comfortable to wear and pretty olive green

This is a very pretty moss/olive green color contacts. It changes colors depending on the angle of the light which is they way natural eye color is. It's super comfortable to wear for 8 hours. I was worried about this because for me personally I can only tolerate regular contacts for about 3 hours (tops) and then they're just way to dry for me. But I've been able to wear all of Lenstown's color contacts for 6+ hours or longer with no dryness what so ever. I'm super pleased with this product and will definitely come back to buy more.

Very Pretty But Natural

I like how the graphic diameter of these is very similar to my actual eyes... this makes these lenses give off more of a natural look than regular lenses that have the enlarging effect. I like that.

The only con would be that the lack of more natural-looking gradation makes my eyes look like I have super big pupils like in a cartoon character. I have dark dark brown eyes that look black, and this could be part of the reason why. Of course, I feel like they would have look much more different if my natural eye color is much lighter than it is.

gorgeous color but poor vision

the color is really pretty, very similar to my non-toric colored lenses. my astigmatism is 180, the highest, and these actually give me great vision for a minute before they shift and i can barely see anything. they don’t stay in place and don’t have the marker to tell which way you need to put them in. they’re also super dry out of the bottle so i had to soak them in my own solution for a day before trying them on, but they still feel a bit uncomfortable for some reason. as toric lenses, these don’t do their job at all for me :/ very disappointed since i wanted to like these so much. i’ve tried these on multiple occasion but always ended up needed to take them out since i can’t see/they’re uncomfy. do not recommend at all : (

sapphire blue

I usually don't look good in blue contacts. It just screams fake. But not these. I think it's because the way it is designed. Sometimes it looks blue-ish gray and sometimes it looks sapphire blue. I really like them. They're super comfortable to wear all day (8-9 hours). Definitely worth trying them out if you're thinking about experimenting with blue color contacts.

very pretty and comfortable

I have been very impressed with the quality and comfort level of all of the Lenstown contact lenses. Being a person who can't wear regular contacts for more than 2-3 hours at tops-I took a risk by ordering from Lenstown. Not only are they super comfortable but the variety of selection is awesome! I have been loving these lenses. The color is very natural looking and depending on how light hits your eyes it changes color-the way natural eye color does. Very pretty! It is a pretty caramel brown and with slight olive tint.

Subtle but Beautiful

I have dark brown eyes that look like they are black, and these add a very subtle gray that doesn't look unnatural or out of place. However, the gray color is visible and looks more like a darker shade of gray on my eyes. I say this is perfect if I want to dress up for an occasion but don't want to overdress.

Simply Amazing! Soften the look Instantly!

they give you an amber sparkle glow

The colors in these contact lenses were a surprise to me. From the package they look just like any other color contact but once you put them on-they take on a life of its own. Depending on the lighting it changes color. The more light you are expose to the lighter they get but they have these 3D effect to them like an amber stone. It makes your eyes look like a gem stone. Absolutely gorgeous. My only regret is I didn't order more.

I ordered about 10 different pairs of color contacts from Lens Town. (I was trying to hit their free shipping quota, lol) Of all the one I've tried I keep reaching for these. I didn't think I would like them when I first saw them because they were too bright but as soon as I put them on-they became my favorite. They are more dramatic than some of the other brown color contacts that Lenstown offers. They match my ash blonde hair exactly so it's super fun to experiment with it. The color I would describe as a khaki olive greenish brown.

One last thing-they are super comfortable to wear all day long. I don't know what kind of lens material Lenstown uses but it's super amazing. I usually can't wear contacts longer than 3 hours because it just drives my eyes out to the point it hurts. But not with Lenstown contacts. I recently wore them all day for a business conference (total 10 hrs.) and my contacts never once bothered me!

I've include a photo what it looks like compare to my natural eye color. Hopefully this will help you decide as to whether you want to purchase them or not.

Very beautiful

Very beautiful

my favorite color!

the most natural somehow even though grey isnt natural usually, graphic dia perfect for those with medium sized eyes.


very trendy color!


brown ,gray and blue mixed

in love

natural and not dry (surprisingly)
Would defiantly buy again, i think this is the best one that i bought out of everything.

best contacts, better than ones doctors give

Very natural looking

I've ordered brown and black color of these Coco pairs. I loved the black one a lot they were exactly same size as my natural iris and the black circle added more pop to my eyes while looking natural. But the brown ones were exactly same color and size of my natural eyes so I didn't see any difference at at all. So I would rather wear colorless contacts instead of brown. Highly recommend black if you still want some pop in your eyes.

Very Comfy and good Graphic Diameter size

First time getting the Grande version and I love it.
It's very comfortable to wear all day - doesn't dry my eyes that much.
I'm used to wearing one days but this monthly one is good substitute!

Beautiful and natural looking green olive

I bought the olive greens ones and they are very natural looking. Very subtle. Not too bright but just enough to give you a pop but not so much that it screams "fake" Every time I wear them people will comment and tell me how pretty my eyes are and when I tell them "Oh I'm wearing color contacts" they're like "seriously, they look so real!" The green are a soft pretty mossy olive color that blends right in with my skin tone. If you're looking for a "natural" look. Definitely give them a try. They're also super comfortable to wear all day-I should know since contacts usually dry my eyes out after 2-3 hours.