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247Bom Brown

No cubrieron mis expectativas. Y son muy grandes. No se si hay un modelo más pequeño. Y el color no me gustó.

100% True Love

I cannot emphasize enough how naturally and beautifully these contact lenses are that everyone complements and insists they look like my natural eye color. Love love love them!

Swan Choco
Wheetz Arceo

Happy with price arrival time and product

best product ever

I just simply love products of lenstown . The lens are so natural but charming at the same time


Looks so natural and my eyes looks like they are see through sometimes which looks so shiny. Will definitely repurchase.

Great contacts

I like how these contacts include the axis prescription! Vision is super clear and very comfortable to wear!

247 Fit Gray
Diana Niedringhaus

I never received the gray ones and I got two blue and a box of green and no gray ones. I aso have had serious burning sensation every time I put them on? No containers but two to keep five pairs


Beautiful and very comfortable

Very comfortable

I love the color. My contacts were prescription for astigmatism, and the color is perfect. Very comfortable to wear, I forget sometimes that I’m wearing them all day. Will definitely order from here again.

A872 Blue
Melisa Douville
Horrible, horrible company!

I actually ordered 3 pairs of contacts and paid extra for 2-5 day delivery. Got one pair of grey contacts, took 3 weeks and they haven't made any of it right! Don't do business with them!

Monet Brown Toric
Annette Castro
One of the best!

Verry comfortable! I love the color and my perscription contains astigmatism that makes it extremely hard to find any companies that makes any kind of colored/detailed contacts for customers like me. Thank you!!!

Couldn't be happier with these lenses!

I am extremely happy with these contact lenses! They are not too big and look very natural. They make my blue-gray eyes a little "bluer" and better looking because of the dark limbal ring. I have tried different contact lenses before and these are the best, as they do make my eyes look clear and nice without making them darker than they are. Plus, they are super comfortable! Clear recommendation, also for Lenstown, as the service is great and the overseas shipping was faster than expected. Thank you!!!

17Again Choco
Maelle Aslane

incredible I really like themm

Natural reddish brown

Very natural looking, light reddish brown. The size is not big.

Romantea GangNam Blue
Michelle Azur
Pretty and comfortable

Not only are these contacts so pretty but they are extremely comfortable and I love the fact that I can order them in my prescription. Thank you so very very much. I will be ordering again.

A872 Brown
Emily Park
Very natural and cute!

I was kind of skeptical on buying a brown lense because I already have dark eyes and I didn't think that it would do much but I'm so glad I tried these out! They are monthly lenses but honestly I can't really tell the difference in feeling with the daily ones. They go with my everyday look and very comfortable up to 12+ hours! It doesn't leave my eyes feeling dry or anything at all. Would 100% recommend!

everyday lens

natural but enhancing! contacts do rotate but i just adjust it back

more options for axis

better vision and less dry eye problems with this brand of contacts because they have axis options that are more closely suited to my RX needs

Great daily contacts

A pretty and natural brown lens for everyday! Highly recommend :)

Gemstone Green
Norma Campos
Love Them!

Perfect color and comfortable to wear.

Los amo

Super cómodos 💖 me encantan. Ceci LQ Makeup

Vocati Brown
Ceci LQ
Excelentes ❤️

Son hermosos y muy cómodos, lucen el ojo más grande y una mirada más hermosa. Ceci LQ Makeup

Beautiful no one can tell there on

They look so good to be true incredible lens the qualities amazing they look completely natural very undetectable for a perfect nice intimate date hollywood Ken here instagram me @ boytoy94

Valuable toric contacts with colour!

The coloured toric contacts fits naturally on eyes and i love it!

They make your eyes look shiny~

They make your eyes look shiny~
and most of lenstown's contacts are comfortable.
Love those items that i bought!