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So cute!

Great colors, high quality images, and high quality plastic(not thin and breakable). Would buy again.


Very good, natural

Very comfortable

Comfortable, light weight, highly ret

Comfortable and natural look

Comfortable and natural look, still comfortable for 8-9 hrs without using eye drops

I am disappointed though

I am giving the 5 star to the product itself. It is natural, subtle and beautiful.
However, they sent me daily contacts instead of monthly. I am disappointed and feel cheated.

Natural lenses

I love it

Excellent contacts

These contacts are great. Thus us my second order. They are very comfortable and I get many compliments when I wear them.

Comfort and natural look

So comfortable wearing all day and it provides natual look. I was looking for coloured-lenses with BC8.6 which i can wear all day for more than 10 hrs and I just found it now!

Not as bright as expected

These lenses are super natural, and no one will notice that you're wearing lenses. I hoped they would lighten my dark brown eyes, but actually these are very dark. I prefer the uniture milky brown to these because they make my eyes too dark, even black unless the lighting is very bright. Picture is in quite bright indoor lighting.

So cute!

The lens is super natural looking and gives a great enlarging effect

My new fave!

I love this lens!! The pink is very natural and looks light pink-brown on my dark brown eyes. Provides subtle definition and charm to the eyes. I will be repurchasing again in the future <33

Irreplaceable grey lenses!

Natural and pretty grey lenses that I can’t find any other series or brand to replace! Love it so much~

nice contacts

they look nice but you cannot wear them for a long time . look good in pictures tho ! :)


pretty but little uncomfortable

Romance India ..

I've only tried the India - as I'm TRYing to get as much use of one pair for a month - so, these are so pretty on - it's bright but natural looking if that makes sense - will reorder simply for that - and will review the others as I go along - other things to note, it's comfortable and it's affordable / cost effective - IF you break it down too

Natural brown

Very natural for dark brown eyes.
Took pictures outside, on a cloudy day.

Very Natural

If you have naturally dark brown eyes, these just lighten them to a more medium brown. There isn't much lightening.
There is a very slight enlarging for me, not much. I have big and dark brown eyes.
There is NO bug eye effect which is a relief and something I always worry about. I'm happy I purchased these. These are definitely a daily and natural lense that you can wear to work and no one will think you're wearing color lenses. The limbal ring is soft.

8 Ball



I keep getting compliments. Though my eyes are naturally dark brown, the green Rain Kiss lenses make my eyes look naturally. People assume they are my natural eye color. This my favorite for the past two years.

Looks great!

Super comfortable and nice color. Looks natural and beautiful eyes in dark eye color.

Perfect for dark eyes!

I have dark brown eyes and they stand out nicely! I really enjoy them!

Did not indicate base curve on the page

The color is pretty, but I was bummed after finding out these and other lenstown lenses had the wrong base curve for my eyes. The base curve of these is 8.5 instead of the standard 8.6. But this page did not indicate that.

Like natural!!

If you like contact lens that looks like you did not wear anything. This is for you!! It will give you natural look! (For those who have natural black/brown eyes) Luv it!