Romantea Rose Beige Brown (2pcs / Yearly)

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  • Diameter 14.2mm
  • Graphic size 13.0mm
  • Period of use 1 year
  • water of content 43% / Silicone Hydrogel
  • One Box (Contains 1 Lens) 

    Basic color creates brightness in the eyes. A light natural circle line and bright beige brown.
    It shows natural bright eyes and It's made of silicone hydrogel, so it's comfortable to use for a long time!

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 7 reviews

    I was looking for a more natural lens to wear daily, and this is perfect. In normal room light, it gives a very subtle pop to your eyes. It's neither warm nor cool toned, more in the middle. It has a very subtle enlarging effect. The outer limbal ring is very natural in room lighting, and looks beautiful when the sun hits your eyes. It faintly looks beige, instead of a warm orangey-brown as the model shows. This is incredibly similar to the canna rose "beige brown" lens if you want to see what it looks like in real life. If you have very dark natural eyes, the effect is very natural looking, not fake at all. The lens is also very comfortable and suitable for long-wear.

    Roaa Alkhalisi
    Love it

    So easy to wear and looks so natural


    Best lens i have ever had ! Love the color and they are extremely soft.


    Beautiful and natural lenses in good quality! However, I experience that my eyes become dry after I wear them for a few hours. Thus, the product pulls down a star. Otherwise I love them alot!

    Sahara M.

    Fits prefect