Siesta Romance Edition

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  • Diameter 14.0mm
  • Graphic size 13.4mm
  • Period of use 1 month
  • water of content 40% / Phosphorylcholine
  • Contains 5 colored lenses per package.
    You will receive two boxes.( Right eye 5pcs / left eye 5pcs)

Color contact lenses that can be used in five different colors to create unique and exotic eyes. Brown, Cedar (Grey), Diane (Grey)
India (Blue) and Green are available in five colors, each with a one-month.
You can use it every month for each color! You can use your favorite color for a month in your daily mood!
You can create different eyes every day, and there are colors that can be used daily, so you can enjoy using them!
There are five colors in the siesta that I've never tried before.
You can easily challenge yourself!
Be sure to find your favorite color!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 31 reviews
Amazing and very comfortable contacts

Great contacts for occasional wear, they are comfortable throughout the day and blend with your natural colour quite well. Would totally recommend if you are looking for comfortable coloured contacts.

Romance India ..

I've only tried the India - as I'm TRYing to get as much use of one pair for a month - so, these are so pretty on - it's bright but natural looking if that makes sense - will reorder simply for that - and will review the others as I go along - other things to note, it's comfortable and it's affordable / cost effective - IF you break it down too

Eunjun Seo
Perfect Color contacts if you like different colors

it comes in different colors in one which makes the perfect enlarging color contact lens if you like to wear different colors and save money.

Xitlalic Maricruz S.

beautiful color options!! I absolutely love them


♥color was so pretty.♥made my eyes pop, love them!♥