It is important to use contact lenses safely as well for your eye safety, you should be careful about sunburn. UV rays can cause dry eyes, congestion, cataracts, etc., so try to prevent them on a daily basis. This section introduces the sunburn on the eyes caused by ultraviolet rays and the UV protection function of  colored contacts lenses.

Sunburn refers to skin irritation and pigmentation caused by exposure to ultraviolet rays.Sunburn occurs not only in the skin but also in the eyes where it is exposed to ultraviolet rays.

In the case of eye sunburn, it is undeniable that the cornea covering the surface of the eye is damaged, so there is no denying the possibility of eye pain or eye disease caused by inflammation.There is a risk of dry eyes, congestion, cataract, etc.In addition, strong ultraviolet rays from the eyes can lead to sunburn because the brain acts to produce melanin pigments on the skin so that the body does not lose to the sun.

When caring for sunburn in your eyes, it is important to keep sunlight out of your eyes.Therefore, it is effective to choose contact lenses and sunglasses with UV protection.

UV protection with colored contacts

UV protection lenses absorb ultraviolet rays and prevent cornea damage. UV-proof contact lenses can be used not only in summer when the sun is strong, but also in cloudy days and sunburn caused by reflection from the ground. 

Ultraviolet radiation may have the strongest image in summer, but ultraviolet radiation increases from spring to autumn. Therefore, UV protection in summer alone cannot completely prevent UV protection.

UV-proof contacts lenses can protect your eyes even when UV protection is getting sweeter because they are used day to day regardless of season. Because they are contact lenses, it is also attractive that they can be used as fashion items. However, it is more effective to use sunglasses that can cover the whites of the eyes because they can only cover the black eyes with lenses.