Lighly Rose Cacao (30pcs / Daily)

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  • Diameter 14.2mm
  • Graphic size 13.0mm
  • Period of use 1 day
  • water of content 38% / Hema
  • Contains 30 color lenses per package

Bright cacao color with a gentle and warm atmosphere.
The light cream-colored absorption color shows attractive eyes.
Lighly Rose Cacao is a gorgeous contact lens become natural and has a gentle feeling!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 20 reviews
Comfort and natural look

So comfortable wearing all day and it provides natual look. I was looking for coloured-lenses with BC8.6 which i can wear all day for more than 10 hrs and I just found it now!


Best contact lenses 😍

Very Pretty But Natural

I like how the graphic diameter of these is very similar to my actual eyes... this makes these lenses give off more of a natural look than regular lenses that have the enlarging effect. I like that.

The only con would be that the lack of more natural-looking gradation makes my eyes look like I have super big pupils like in a cartoon character. I have dark dark brown eyes that look black, and this could be part of the reason why. Of course, I feel like they would have look much more different if my natural eye color is much lighter than it is.

Jo T
Comfy & Subtle

Lenses are comfortable for all-day wear and the colour, while obvious, is subtle as well. Not too loud for daily wear.

So comfortable

so comfortable & so natural