Colored contacts are items that can be expected to have a big eye effect. You can easily change the impression around your eyes and create your ideal self. Do you know how to choose the one that suits you?

Here are the key points of choosing contact lenses according to hair color and eye color. If you want contact lenses that suit you or don't know how to choose, please refer to them!

Do you decide the color of your contacts by your hair color? Points not to fail in choosing contact lenses!

Colored contacts can easily change the atmosphere around the eyes, but there are actually many people who fail to choose colors. There are a lot of color variations, so when I buy my favorite color and actually use it, my eyes feel unnatural! Surprisingly, there are many failures. So, here's a color that goes well with each hair color so that you don't fail to choose contact lenses!

Dark brown and blue hair!

I recommend dark brown or blue contact lenses for black hair with a mode impression. It has a natural finish without destroying the atmosphere. On the other hand, light brown hair may not be compatible with black hair, so be careful.

If you're blonde, gray and hazel!

In the case of blonde hair, choosing too dark a color may give an unnatural impression. Therefore, if you choose bright, transparent gray or hazel contact lenses, you will get a natural finish.

Gray and olive for ash hair!

For transparent hair color ash, choose contact lenses that are also transparent. I recommend grey and olive because they give you a transparency.

In addition to the above, brown hair color is easy to match with any contact lens. However, you need to be careful because it sometimes doesn't go well with gray. If you're hesitating about choosing contact lenses, choose a color that goes well with your hair color.

Will popular contact lenses fail? What is the point of choosing contact lenses?

I'm sure many people choose contact lenses because it's their favorite color, because it's used by their favorite idols, and because it's a popular product. However, if you choose only because of your taste or popularity, you may fail. I'll introduce you to the key points of choosing so that you don't get used to it well even though you've bought contact lenses!


choose the color that suits one

If you choose contact lenses that match your hair color and eye color, it won't become unnatural and you'll feel safe.Please refer to the original eye color and hair color of the model wearing contact lenses and think about what will happen if you wear them.

choose according to one's eye size

Don't you buy contact lenses that don't fit your eyes so much that you expect a big eye effect? n order to make your eyes look beautiful, it is important to be aware of the golden ratio of whites: black eyes: white eyes1:2:1.If the size doesn't match your eyes, the overall balance will be bad and the finish will be uncomfortable. Don't worry, even if you don't increase the size of the contact lenses, the outline of your eyes will be clear and sharp.

Natural colors are recommended for beginners.

For beginners, choosing natural brown or black colors is a relief. Brown contact lenses, which go well with Japanese eyes, are popular even for beginners. Black contact lenses are recommended for people who are worried about small black eyes. It has a natural finish and has a big eye effect.