Is there anyone who wants color contact lenses to make their eyes look bigger, but doesn't know how to choose? Colored contacts are popular because they can expect a big eye effect. Recently, there have been many kinds and they are now available at low prices.

However, don't buy it without thinking about it because it's cheap .If you fail to choose, you may become unnatural and not be able to match your image.

I want to make the most of my big eyes! How do you choose contact lenses?

adjust to the shape of one's eyes

In order to get a big eye effect with contact lenses, you must first choose the size that suits your eye shape. If you wear contact lenses with a longer color range than your black eyes, your eyes will be unbalanced and unnatural.

If you want a big eye effect, make it smaller in diameter than your black eye. On the other hand, round-eyed people do not know the effect if the color range is small because of the longitudinal width of their eyes. Please try to choose a larger size.

Color is also important.

If you choose black contact lenses with the image of black, the contact lenses themselves will stand out and become unnatural. Try to choose the color that is not uncomfortable with the original eye color.

Naturalists use dot types.

For natural people who don't want to make it flashy even if they expect a big eye effect, I recommend the one with dots on the edge of the lens! The outline is blurred, resulting in a large natural finish.

gradation for everyday use

Gradient contact lenses are also popular because they can be expected to have a big eye effect. When choosing a gradient type, choose a brown type instead of a black one, and you can expect a big eye effect.

Naturalness is important for doll eyes contact lenses!

Does anyone have any experience with men's evaluation falling as a result of pursuing the big eye effect using contact lenses? Actually, if you make them feel like they're wearing contact lenses, men may feel uncomfortable. Even though the makeup is finished naturally, it is necessary to be careful because the big eyes around the eyes with contact lenses sometimes feel unnatural.

What tends to fail is the size and color. In order to fit in as well as possible, choose natural contact lenses. If you wear contact lenses that do not make you feel unnatural and have a big eye effect, you will be popular with people around you.

When choosing contact lenses, be careful not to deviate too much from the color and size of your eyes. By wearing balanced contact lenses, you can realize the natural appearance around your eyes.