G.DIA 13.4mm. Both brown and gray colors mix smoothly with the natural eye color creating a deep atmosphere


G.DIA 13.4mm Mademoiselle that makes your eyes stand out! Even though it's not a big size, it's an it-item that makes your eyes clear and shiny! If you take a selfie with the Mademoiselle lens on, you'll look more innocent!


G.DIA 13.2mm Are you looking for student lens? Come to LENSTOWN. The price that touches students' hearts! The natural 13.2 diameter creates a soft atmosphere with just the edge line! You can wear the chocolate color like your own eyes! It's so good to wear daily at school.


G.DIA 13.2mm brown, gray, and violet. Eau sso Pretty Lens! The characteristic of the three-color lens is that it creates brilliant eyes! Eau Sso Pretty Lens are also three-color lenses that create brilliant eyes! If you want to emphasize a more colorful brown color as a daily look, gray and violet colors are perfect! That's it!

Town Filter Fairy

G.DIA 13.5mm brown, gray, and green pair lenses aren't three-color lenses, but they were inspired by famous Italian lenses. Especially, the green color is emerald green that fits the name of the lens, so it looks like a fairy! Brown is ash brown and gray is ice gray. But you can complete a colorful look!