In this season, when it's easier to spend time,
We're getting a lot of wedding news.
This time, I'll introduce you to a party style that looks good.

Choose a calm and gorgeous design.
Avoid colors close to white or primary colors.
Pastel colors are the best.
Try matching a mid-length skirt with a casual style.

Try adding elegance to your hair with a soft, loose roll.
Calm party style and gorgeousness are perfect!
Short hair has a fluffy hair style.

The highlight is earrings and hair accessories with a strong presence.
If it's too flashy, it's possible to stand out too much in a group photo.

Thick foundation coating is not allowed.
Glossy skin and chic eye shadow.
Bright and moisturizing lips,
I recommend you finish it with gorgeous teak.

Glamorous recommended color contact lenses that go well with the makeup I introduced earlier.
with a soft and gentle natural design
Please give me a look of blessing with bright eyes.