Cherry blossom viewing is a special event only in spring.
in Lenstownus's color contact lenses
take a spring-like best shot
Let me introduce you to styling♥

Speaking of cherry blossoms, it's girlish.
You can think of a cute pale pink color.
When you're cherry blossom viewing, you can wear a pale lavender blouse as shown in the picture above.
It's a lemon-colored spring knit that goes well with spring.
Try styling it beautifully.
Pants are comfortable in denim, but springy.
It's a refreshing spring style!

It's dry season, so please put on your base makeup well.
If you apply too much foundation,
While watching cherry blossoms, dust gets on your face and you get tired of it.
Let's finish it off with foundation!
Let's finish the shade makeup that goes well with spring.
Brighten your eyes with ivory gold fine pearls.
If you apply a little liquid teak, you'll be able to make up your spring makeup.