Summary of Colored Contact Lenses with Smaller Colored Diameter.

From 12.8mm to 13.1mm small G.DIA Check out the contact lenses that are especially popular in Lenstownus.

G.DIA (Graphic Diameter)  = graphic diameter, tinted diameter.

The personal eye color is divided into yellow base and blue base.You can find four types of contact lenses, brown and gray, that match your tone.
The graphic diameter is smaller, so it's more natural!


Unicozy that anyone can have deep and gentle eyes!

12.8mm small graphics make your eyes look clear.
If you're looking for daily-style contact lenses, Unicogy is recommended!


Get used to exotic emerald gray eyes
European eyes silicon gray.
The elegant color and small diameter go well together!
From gorgeous impressions to chic atmosphere, it can be displayed in a wide range of ways.


Punky-free with delicate and clear design.
Small graphics diameter, chicness Up! Up!
As soon as you put it on, it gives you a sense of presence and looks good on your makeup!

The bold color creates clear blue eyes and looks moist and transparent.

TRENDY BLUE, TRENDY GREEN. For those who are trying bold colors for the first time,

It is designed with a small graphic diameter for easy access.