2023 beauty trend

2023 Beauty Trend


Let’s make the trendy look with LENSTOWN!


The Best makeup trend is water luster which called as #cleanlook. In every social media in YouTube, TikTok and Instagram etc. the extra moisture-based makeup has been dominated this era. It has been involved further into the beauty, not only skincare part.

Global beauty trends are already overflowing with hashtags that share images and videos or tutorials of #cleanlook.

How can we look different with other trendy makeup?

LENSTOWN will give you a few tips for those who want to try the trendy #cleanlook! Please Make sure to match our colored contact lenses with a wet and #newnatural makeup. It will make your beauty look trendier than ever!

look1 romantea mood satin gray
look2 chocolato choco brown
look3 romantea ring brown

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