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my favorite lens

I love these lenses because the pigment transition is aesthetically pleasing and natural appearing

It's Me Coco Gray
Yobana Dominguez
Color hermoso

Yes es un color muy bonito

It's comfortable and last me the whole day

10/10 will repurchase again

Re pure
Good price & good lens

I ordered wrong power for the first time, and requested a refund. They got back to me quickly and offered me fully refund. Then I order this lens with 4 pairs of different style and I love them all! The price is so good and I would definitely buy some more next time.

Natural Looking

The gray contacts looks so natural in my eyes, and I'm a woman of color.

Kiralet Gray Toric
Ayesha Siddika
Haven’t received it yet.

I am still waiting for my order.

Great color!

Loved the vibrancy :)

So pretty

These contacts make your eyes look so beautiful and big.

Ellie brown

I’m obsessed!!! I want more colors now!

Ellie brown

I bought the Ellie brown lenses and I’m obsessed! They look natural and beautiful!

Natural & Perfect

I love how comfortable these contacts are. They enlarge my brown eyes while still looking natural even in the sunlight! The shipment was quick & came just in time as promised. I hope for future contact lenses that last longer than 1 month!

Kiralet Blue Toric
Xin Xuan Lee

Lens are very pretty, my astigmatism is quite bad so the lens is a little blurry for me but I can still see fine. Lens can be quite dry for people with dry eyes, but if not worn for too long it should be fine. Overall, quite satisfied with how the lens turned out, my eyes are very dark, almost black, but the blue on the lens are still visible and it doesn’t look crazy on my eyes. It’s a subtle blue that can be worn on a daily basis. I would have given 5 stars but something went wrong during the delivery, they didn’t let me know beforehand that my lens had issues with it until I had to reach out to them via email.

Bad for prescription wearers.

Very low quality for anyone that needs prescription. The contact itself is not uncomfortable, however it definitely isn't a good contact for anyone with a need for prescription. And the cost is extremely high to be so bad.

Aqua fit Gray
Ivy. Mango

Love the fit and settle of the color!

Very Cute and Comfortable Lens

The lens looks dark blue & grey on my black eyes. The graphic is big so it will make your eyes cute and bigger.

And more importantly, the lens are comfortable and very clear. Will buy again.

Beautiful eyes

I’m in love with how easy, and comfortable the lenses are to wear. The look is so natural. Would definitely buy again highly recommend it. :)

Blends naturally

I love how the color blends naturally along with my eye color. Does not dry out and stays put for my 12 hour shifts.

Mixed feelings

Prescription wise they are good. However, color wise they were not noticeable they are not violet or purple enough for me

Kiralet Gray
Diane Nguyen
Looks great

The transition in the colors are very nice. Easy to put on and comfortable. Great customer service support also!

Pre college Brown
Kaitlyn Gam
Faulty Contact

I ordered 3 pairs of lenses, and they all looked amazing on, super natural and I love the colors. However, one of the lenses gave me problems. As soon as I put it in, it was stinging and blurry. It felt like it was moving around and about to fall out. I normally wear contacts so I tried flipping it the other way, cleaning it, looking for tears or dust but didn’t see anything. No matter what I try I couldn’t get this one lense to sit properly in my eye. Although it sucks I can’t wear this pair, the other 2 pairs are seriously amazing. I still recommend, just be aware of the possibility of getting a faulty contact.

Comfy and natural

Very comfortable as other reviewers have said. The color is subtle but definitely noticeable, very natural looking. The only thing I don’t like about these contacts is that they started irritating my eyes around the 2 month mark, I wear them daily. I had to throw them out and open a fresh pair. So if you plan on wearing them frequently, you may want to get a couple more pairs. Besides that, I really like these contacts and I love how comfy they are.

Idk how to feel

I'm pretty disappointed because these lenses are so pretty, but my eyes are not taking them well. I think there is a defect in these because i ordered other toric lenses and i could see much more clearer than these. I will definitely only wear these at home.

Love them

Very subtle and natural looking, very comfortable as well. I’ve only tried Green and I’m in love

Elly Basic Brown
Elizabeth Medina
Good service lens

I loved the natural color I highly recommend lenstown

Konimo2 Black
Thresser Bryant
Color not good for "me".

This particular one, I was not so happy with. They still changed my eye color, but not to black as I was looking for (not EVERYTHING is going to be EXACTLY how you want it). I'm not going to stop purchasing other colors because most have worked out very well for me. Lennstownus offers a good product for a great price.