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Champagne needstem hyperopia

Beautiful contact lenses! They look fantastic on, make your eyes sparkle and look bigger and I loved the color


I love how it looks<3 Enlarge my eyes <3 Real color was same as product photo!


I love how it looks<3 It is like yellowish hazel. FYI real color was a little less vibrant than this photo, because I used flash for this photo and it appeared more vibrant than real one (^^;) But anyways it looks very cute and perfect for gyaru make up <3

Finally contacts that work for my astigmatism

After trying so many different types of custom toric contact lenses, I'm super happy to finally find a brand that corrects my vision almost perfectly and doesn't feel uncomfortable with long wear. I have very strong prescription for lenses and quite a lot of astigmatism, but I had no problem wearing these. They give me almost as clear of a vision as with my usual clear toric lenses. The best thing about these is that they stay put very well, and after initial adjusting into the eyes, it didn't move much at all. My vision stayed clear for almost 100% of the time, and I didn't need to rotate the lenses. The material is comfortable and light, the lenses don't feel too thick or more drying than normal lenses. For the first day I was actually able to wear these for 11 hours, but I don't recommend it because they got quite drying towards the end. But I can easily wear these for 6-8 hours for sure, which is tough for me even with my usual clear lenses. The color is a super pretty light brown color (not natural brown) and the enlargement effect looks very subtle and natural.


Lenses were comfortable and really great for long hours of wearing. Highly recommend


I've been repurchasing these lens for a few years now cause they became my fav. Comfortable during the whole day and natural looking

I love it!

I bought 3 kinds of color lens but everything was amazing

100% natural grey and comfortable

supported my astigmatism with 100% comfort (worn four times with no issues). i loveee the color. it's not as bold and popping out to people's attention but i like that because it gives a natural grey look without looking crazy. it's my favourite colour so far. the color is accurate to the sample photos. i highly recommend.

very bluey grey but comfortable and pretty; i recommend!!

one of the few lens that looked pretty and supported my astigmatism vision. the comfort is amazing and reusable (worn 3 times now with no issues). the color is definitely more of a blue grey in real life (i have natural dark medium brown eyes). in the daytime / nightime, it is noticable to others and makes your eyes pop. there is a lot of detailing in the iris too. i would recommend.

Fancia Gold Brown
Elizabeth Moua

Beautiful natural contacts. I love them!



It’s really nice!! Love it!!

Re pure
Very comfortable

Probably the most comfortable contacts I’ve used would easily buy again

Aria Cotton Gray Toric
Elizabeth Ocegueda

I have Stigmatism in my eye and these contacts are the best. I love that they’re in the colors that I love.

Always love it

It is confortable super moisture

Aqua fit Gray
Order never received!

I contacted customer service and received no help! My order never arrived!! I will NEVER order from here again!!! DONT GET RIPPED OFF LIKE ME,!!! MY ORDER NEVER CAME!!!! HORRIBLE COMPANY!!!!!!!


I have dark brown eyes, so it looked different on me. BUT, IT STILL LOOKS FANTASTIC! Especially with adequate lighting. I have no issues with the prescription too. Def a MUST buy!! Will order again soon:)

Kiralet Brown Toric
Isis Bastet

Love them. Can see perfectly. It doesn't dry up at all. Very comfortable!! Will be buying another pair soon. The price is awesome and shipping came on time! I have an astigmatism so this is AWESOME!! THANK YOU

Purple Star (018)
Lynn baughman
Great I love them

I love them

Eyetume P192
Cassandra Vanwyk

You make me feel like a whole new individual

Swan Green
Katie Danser
Super comfortable

I have tried many different lenses and these are the most comfortable I have wore. The color is close to my natural color and I love that.

Lighly Rose Beige
Olivia Moon
High impact, but still looks natural

I was surprised when I tried this on for the first time. I thought it was going to be more like Real Ring Brown, but lighly rose beige was more light and therefore more striking. I like it because it is still natural looking, but makes my eyes stand out.

These are actually great!!!

Omg! I've tried toric lenses from other places and was skeptical about these but I'm very surprised. These are amazing. I get so many compliments. And they aren't to jarring. Very natural! The comfortability is around a 9 and that's a very high rating for me. Black girls, if you want a natural looking lens that makes you look exotic. This is it. Bravo.

Kiralet Brown Toric
Dilcia Serrano
THE BEST toric contacts

If you're blind like me get these ! The color is so bomb I get so many compliments and the price is crazy !!! No other place is giving you quality and prices like here ! Don't hesitate to purchase I love mine !

A872 Blue
Hazel Evans
Beautiful love these contacts

I will be ordering again