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Idk how to feel

I'm pretty disappointed because these lenses are so pretty, but my eyes are not taking them well. I think there is a defect in these because i ordered other toric lenses and i could see much more clearer than these. I will definitely only wear these at home.

Love them

Very subtle and natural looking, very comfortable as well. I’ve only tried Green and I’m in love

Elly Basic Brown
Elizabeth Medina
Good service lens

I loved the natural color I highly recommend lenstown

Konimo2 Black
Thresser Bryant
Color not good for "me".

This particular one, I was not so happy with. They still changed my eye color, but not to black as I was looking for (not EVERYTHING is going to be EXACTLY how you want it). I'm not going to stop purchasing other colors because most have worked out very well for me. Lennstownus offers a good product for a great price.


Love the vibrant!

Kiralet Blue Toric
Karina Resto

I understand the hype. Even though my eyes are a dark brown, these contacts still manage to look not only really cute but natural as well. Dark eyed girlies are dangerous with these contacts for sure.

Natural pink brown :D

It's a brown color with a pink tone
It feels like it goes well with your eyes!
It looks good without makeup

So natural

If you’re Asian, and have dark pupils, these give it just the right amount subtle look to your eyes. Super natural and always my daily goto lens.

Lighly Rose Gray
Mari Blossey
Best natural lenses everrr!!!!

I can’t believe how natural and beautiful these grey contacts are. I’ve been using these lenses for 2 years now , and I will continue to keep loving them. They are also very comfortable even after wearing them all day .


Perfect fit and size for me

Love it

This is my second time ordering this color. I love it. I have super dry eyes. My optometrist actually doesn't allow me to wear contacts at all, let alone colored. but I wear it anyways cus I want to. This is super soft on my eyes, rarely any irritation. Highly recommend.

Romantea Ring Black
Alondra Miramontes Cornejo
Nunca me llegaron

Nunca me llegaron

Lighly Rose Gray
Nicole ●

These are some of the comfiest contacts I have ever bought! No eye irritation! Plus the color looks lovely. I would post a picture but I don’t take selfies but it’s just like the models 🥰


Love these contact lenses. Great color and very natural

love them


Fits great and has prescription

Best color lenses for bad eyes!!

It was soooooo hard to find pretty toric lenses, but luckily I found this. I bought this lenses in gray and brown. Personally brown was better for daily use. These are so pretty and so comfy. I used them for 1 year. And im reordering. Highly recommend!!!

It's shining inside my eyes

It's a feather design!
It's elegant and fancy Recommend.

Uniture Rora Gray
Lauren Mat
Uniture Rora Gray Lens Review

I am so pleased with these lenses. Considering they are silicone hydrogel material, sometimes lenses in that material can be dull and not very pigmented. But these lenses are amazing, a beautiful colour and very comfortable.

My favourite lens

These are my favourite so far. Natural yet noticeable. Very pretty colour that looks great on my dark brown eyes.

Rose Mary

Lens really comfy, soft~~~~ highly recommended 😄😄😄

my favorite!!

i wear these almost everyday! love these

Lightly brown

I like the natural look when wearing contact lenses.


I bought this lens for several times