color contacts that are also used as fashion items. While it is popular mainly among young people, various problems can occur if you don't use it properly.

Here are some examples of risks and common problems when using contact lenses incorrectly. Use contact lenses carefully regardless of degree or degree.

risk of incorrect use of contact lenses

It's dangerous to use contact lenses incorrectly. Contact lenses, including contact lenses, have a specified period of use, time to wear, and care methods. If you follow these detailed rules and don't use them correctly, the lenses will deteriorate faster than they would if handled correctly, and you will be more likely to be contaminated with dirt, germs, etc.

If you continue to use damaged contact lenses, the cornea will be damaged and germs will enter from there. If infection develops and corneal ulcers develop, there is a risk of vision loss or blindness. Care must be taken when one-day contact lenses are washed and used continuously for more than two days.

In addition, it is dangerous to use it for a long time even though the installation time is limited to 8 hours a day. If blood vessels invade the cornea due to lack of oxygen in the cornea, they can cause problems such as dry eyes.

common problem with contact lenses

If you continue to use contact lenses in the wrong way, it can cause various problems. There are three common problems listed below.

corneal infiltration

It refers to the inflammation of the epidermis of the cornea or the inside of the cornea. There is also a risk of seriousness if infected with bacteria.

corneal erosion

Corneal epithelium, or the skin of the black eye, is peeled off and the inside is exposed.

It can happen to anyone who keeps using contact lenses without using them properly, such as dirt, scratches, or dry lenses. Infectious diseases increase the risk of blindness.

corneal ulcer

Symptoms such as infection of bacteria and mold from wounds on the cornea, and white turbidity of the cornea. Care should be taken because it may lead to poor eyesight and difficulty opening due to congestion of the whites of the eyes or pain in the eyes.

It is important to observe the period of use of contact lenses to prevent such problems.· Implement correct care· Get an ophthalmologist in advance· Go to the ophthalmologist regularly.