What is the image of Flight attendant?
There are a lot of things like neatness.
You can think of an elegant image.
Let me introduce you to the color contact lenses that fit this image.:)
It's Lighly Basic!

in a dry indoor (in-flight) because of one's occupation
Flight attendant's, who work mainly,
They often feel dry when they wear contact lenses.
Therefore, I prefer one-day contact lenses that are not dry and moisturizing and easy to manage! The colored diameter is 13.0mm.
It's a natural contact lens with a diameter that suits the eyes of Asians! It's not a graphic design.
It doesn't give me a gorgeous image.
Make your eyes clear and clear.
It creates a soft image♥


in a natural brown color
It's easy to wear every day.
In interviews and important places, 
Lighly Basic, a perfect color contact lens.