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great contacts!

They seems very natural and comfortable.
So beutiful~ on my eyes!

The prettiest contacts ever!

Love them so much

beautiful torics

These lens show beautiful colors on the eyes, order shipped and arrived quickly, no issues with axis rotations on these torics.

Perfect for days you want to feel special

Everytime I go to the bathroom, I get excited by how good it looks! Definitely recommend. I usually put these on when I'm wearing a bright grey-ish themed outfit because they complement each other so well!

Love them!

They look very natural, I like this color and style very much !

Better than expected!

I was surprised how comfortable these lenses are. No dry eyes and the look was surprisingly natural. They are a little more enlarging than I would prefer, but that’s a buyer error for not checking the graphic diameter first. Contact lenses are great. If you like a natural but slightly enlarging look, get these.


They fit nicely and the color is beautiful.

Great daily!

I wear these contacts almost daily! I love them and they are comfortable

great choice for clear makeup!

great choice for clear makeup!
it's pretty and comforty.
The yellow brown makes me lighter eyes.

Hyperopia Coloured Lenses

Been wearing contacts for 8 years now
Found these to be a little uncomfortable to wear, they are quite thick and constantly move around when I blink and make my eyes feel scratchy hence causing them to water a lot

Dry out easily

Great contacts for the subtle color they add to my dark eyes, but they just dry out so fast for me. Can’t really wear them longer than maybe six hours a day or so.

popping colors

if you want a noticeable change to your dark colors, I'd recommend this lens. I honestly could not really tell the difference of the four colors on the lens doing the magic when applied on my eyes, but regardless, they were pretty.
for someone looking for a natural enhancement, I personally didn't really find myself reaching for this product amongst my collection, but i think it would work fine for a night out / a change.

starskooo_ is wearing Hotto Strawberry Gray


My girlfriend loved them. They look beautiful on him. The shipment arrived quickly and to the country that I requested. Thanks a lot


My girl loved them. Very nice and they arrived very fast

Dear MIMI Gray
The best

I have doe eyes & almost all of the lenses make my iris don’t fit well which makes my eyes appear smaller than they are & Mimi gray is the only brand that has worked for me . I bought Mimi gray from eotd at first but they discontinued it & only lenstownUS ships to Canada . The shipping was fast as well . Will be buying from lenstownUS every month or so as long as they have mimigray 🩵. I’ll go to depths of Pacific Ocean for mimigray , forever grateful for lenstownUS🧎🏻‍♀️

best contacts

these are sooo good


The lenses are made of a polymer that was used 30 years ago. I wore them three days in a row and they made my eye red irritated, dry and finally got an infection. Now, I have to wear my glasses until my eyes get better. Using antibiotics drops 4 times a day.
This is why Toric color contacts are not FDA approved in the U.S.

Love them!

Very nice color and style, super comfortable!

love it but needs mark

one eye of mine has 170 degree axis and theres no axis mark on this lens which makes one of my eye blurry. but overload love it :)

Very comfortable!

They were very comfy and a subtle pink that looked more natural! Would recommend ! They're super thin and you can barely feel them could be because they're one day wears.

Dear MIMI Brown
Pattama Ngamsub
Soft n good

Good quality

Not Bad Gray
lisa guerra
not so Grey

Im not impressed..or maybe i just picked the wrong cant tell i have colored contacts on.

So cute!

I wish the toric symbol was where the brown side was so then you can see the brown color but other than that i love this lens

My go tos!!

I absolutely love these! I wear them out majority of the time, and they’re exactly how I hoped!