Is there anyone who buys contact lenses without seeing an ophthalmologist ?Colored contacts lenses are one of the medical devices in the first place. Therefore, it is necessary to see an ophthalmologist first to see if there is any problem with wearing contact lenses instead of purchasing them at your own discretion. Also, if you continue to use contact lenses, you need to go for regular checkups.

Colored contacts lenses are regarded as medical devices that should be handled and managed correctly. Therefore, it is necessary to see an ophthalmologist before purchasing to examine the condition of the eye, vision, eye pressure, etc.

Especially if you're buying for the first time, you have to be careful. This is because if you choose lenses that do not have the right degree or use contact lenses incorrectly, you will be at higher risk of dry eyes, corneal epithelial damage, vision loss and infection.

In addition, contact lenses have a numerical value indicating not only the degree but also the degree of curvature of the lens called BC. You have to choose the one that suits your eyes, so let's have it measured by ophthalmology. Contact lenses that do not fit BC do not fit well, and the lens often shifts, which puts a strain on the eyes.

Regardless of degree or degree, when using contact lenses, first consult an ophthalmologist and purchase them based on a doctor's diagnosis.

The Korea Colored Contacts Lenses website Lenstownus handles various designs of contact lenses. As it is imported directly from the factory, we prepare it at a low price. you should have a proper examination at the ophthalmology department before purchasing contact lenses that suit you.

Regular checkups are also essential if you love contact lenses!

It is essential to see an ophthalmologist before purchasing contact lenses, but please make sure to see a doctor regularly even after you start using them. If you go to the hospital regularly, such as a week, three months, or six months after you start using it, you can notice eye problems early even if you don't have conscious symptoms. You can find things you don't understand if you use them for a long time, such as scratches on the lens or poor eyesight, so you don't have to worry.

If your eyesight deteriorates, you need to change the degree of contact lenses, so you need to have a regular checkup to adjust the degree. In addition, if symptoms such as eye pain or foreign body sensation continue, consult your doctor as soon as possible without waiting for the regular checkup date.