If you use contacts lenses for the first time, you may not know when to wear them and when to remove them. The best time to put in contact lenses is before make up. And when you take it off, it's best to take it off before removing make up .So why is this timing good?

When you put in contact lenses, eye shadow powder and mascara fibers enter your eyes after makeup, and you may damage your cornea by moving between contact lenses and your eyes, so it is recommended before make up. In addition, you may touch the lens with your hand touching the makeup tool, and the dirt may cause a foreign sensation in your eyes. If this happens, your vision will be blocked or difficult to see, so you need to be careful.

And the timing of removing contact lenses is good before removing makeup, because cleansing agents used to remove makeup are dangerous. Some cleansers dissolve or deform the lens when attached to it, which can damage the cornea or cause inflammation. Don't forget to take off your makeup before you remove it, even if it's too much contact lenses.

Colored contact lenses may get dirty just by using them normally. So what causes it to get dirty?

There are two main causes of contamination of contact lenses: contamination from outside the body and contamination from inside the body. Dirt from outside the body is dust, dust, cigarette smoke, dirt on hands and fingers, cosmetics, pollen, etc. Dirt inside the body is mainly caused by proteins, lipids, calcium, inorganic substances, etc., which are secreted inside the body. Eye tar and sweat can also be said to be dirt from the inside of the body.

The contamination of contact lenses can be reduced depending on the maintenance. Colored contact lenses that are used continuously for two weeks must be carefully maintained. Just rinsing with water won't remove enough dirt, so let's take good care of it by rubbing it.

Also, even if the lens is not dirty directly, if the lens case is dirty, this can also cause contamination of contact lenses. There are also cases where germs multiply inside the case and become white and dirty or moldy.

Before handling contacts lenses or cases, wash your hands thoroughly, and keep them consciously clean. Since contact lenses are put directly into the eyes, it is important to take good care of them for safe use.