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Introducing Lenstownus's autumn color contact lenses that create deeper eyes.
It's cool these days when the heat is gone.
The clear sky seems to tell you that autumn is here.:D
In autumn, it's a natural atmosphere.
It's an autumn styling with an atmosphere.

Clover Bling Choco

BC 8.8 | G.DIA 13.3mm | 1month

The chocolate color that naturally connects to the eyes.

Romantea Paris Khaki Gray

BC 8.6 | G.DIA 13.3mm | 1month

3CE Mood Recipe #116 NAKED HEART
It's not just khaki gray and gold.
In an antique and elegant Parisian atmosphere~!
It's a color that goes very well with autumn♥

Hold Night

BC 8.6 | G.DIA 13.0mm | 1month

Deep Smokey Makeup & Burgundy