It's getting warmer and warmer, and it's a good season to spend time!
Some people enjoy beer gardens and BBQ ♡
It's a special styling that suits this season.
Lenstownus will suggest it♡


First of all, I recommend sparkling styling!
Glitter, which is standard in Korean cosmetics ♡ Just a little bit
It's easy to point out, so it's perfect for when you want to feel better.
I usually use it around my eyes, but if you want to enjoy sparkling more,
Like putting on freckles, with your fingers.
Glittering is beautiful and recommended.
Let's make the lens a very popular Tint Bling Unicorn from the release!
To complete the sparkling style,
Glitter x pearl contact lenses are the best combination♥


Next, I'll introduce you to hairband styling!

Upstyle gives you a cute and refreshing impression.
It's effective to give, but it's a basic up-style.
Don't you feel unsatisfied with just that?
Hairbands can be used in a variety of hairstyles.
I recommend Lenstownus's ponytail x hairband♡
Or a fluffy braid at a high position.
I recommend the knitting style because it gives a cute impression.
The lens gives a natural and gentle impression of color development.
I recommend Dazling lenses!


For those who like individualistic styles, please wear freckles makeup.
I recommend it! Refreshing orange for eye holes
Tighten your eyes with eyeliner.
If you draw freckles irregularly, you can create a hippie atmosphere♥
Finally, if you use a Bohemian lens that's perfect for hippies,
You can find a new charm.It's the completion of freckles makeup!And...
It's a silicon lens, so it's comfortable to wear.
I highly recommend this lens because it's an affordable one♡

It's the season when you're going to have a lot of leisure outside!
feel a little more special than usual
Makeup and hair style. And then I'll match my style.
This was an introduction to the perfect lens!♡
There are a lot of events in this comfortable season.
Please refer to Lenstownus's styling.
I hope you have a good time!
Thank you for liking Lenstownus's contact lenses.
Thank you very much (><)
I hope you have a happy May!♥!