Choco Pong #Cherry Choco / 1month l G.DIA 13.3mm

The most natural in the Choco Pong series.
Cherry chocolate color is recommended!
The borderline is a natural gradation.
Wearing it will make your eyes clean and clear!


Joahanabom #Brown /1day (10p) l G.DIA 13.4mm

It's a day, so it's easy to wear.
Joahanabom features a natural feel and design.
Since the in is graded as a whole.
If you put it on, you'll have girlish eyes!


Lighly Pastel #Brown / 1day / 20p l G.DIA 13.4mm

Lighly pastels have already received good reviews.
It's a contact lens that many people wear!
The transparent color makes your eyes moist.
Silicon hydrogel material can be used for a long time♪
Recommended for those who want to add points to natural eye color


Lighly Natural #Brown / 1day / 30p l G.DIA 13.2mm

The color contact lenses I introduced above are graded on the edge.
It's not so much to make your eyes clear as to make them poignant!
It's a lens that makes you feel like you're going to burst.
I recommend Riley Natural Brown this time.
It's a color contact lens that shows your eyes clearly!
The brown color makes your eyes soft and clear.
This is the perfect daily lens for important days such as interviews♡