Bright blond hair with high color lenses.
I'm interested in bleaching and bright hair color.
Even if you give up thinking that it doesn't look good on you,
If you change your lenses and makeup brightly,
I'm under the spell that looks good on you...!


The ash color is soft and stylish.
Ash brown is the most popular color in all seasons.
The lens is Ash Brown or Gray + Brown.
Color contact lenses are recommended!


Orange brown is the same color or opposite color lens.
It's better to match it with a red brown lens!
Or try matching green or blue lenses.
Each color attracts a vivid impression.
I recommend this one with a different image♥


Color lenses with dark brown tones.
The secret to a calm color that makes the atmosphere look good.
If you use khaki or pink lenses,
recommend it because it turns into an attractive atmosphere and creates an attractive woman.


Black hair with clear graphics and high design lenses.
Black hair uses color lenses that create a chic atmosphere.
Why don't you enjoy the atmosphere?