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  • Product: Sweet Pong Brown Colored Contacts
  • Type: 1 Month
  • Pieces: 2pcs / bottle
  • Total Dia: 14.1mm
  • Graphic Dia: 13.2mm
  • Base Curve: 8.6mm
  • Water Content: 
  • Material: HEMA


They create a natural and beautiful blend of colors, ensuring that they don't appear fake or unnatural.

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Colored contact lenses are quickly becoming a popular way to add some color to your style. Whether you’re looking to make a fashion statement or need vision correction, colored lenses can be a great option. Available in a range of colors, from brown to gray, blue, and even bright hues, there is a color for everyone.

For those who require vision correction, there are colored contact lenses available with prescriptions. Additionally, for those who simply want to switch up their eye color, one-day use colored contacts are available. There are also one-week use types where one pair can be used for up to seven days. Colored lenses can be ordered online or found in stores such as those recommended for brown colored contacts and colored contacts. Rare colors can also be easily obtained through online shopping.

Unlike regular contacts that only correct vision, colored contacts can also enhance or change your natural eye color, providing a new look entirely. The lenses come in a variety of types, including “Opaque” which completely covers the iris, “enhancement” which strengthens existing colors, and “circle lenses” which enlarges eyes, giving them a doll-like appearance.

Not only are colored lenses a fun and fashionable accessory, but they are also safe and easy to use. For example, you can purchase one-day or one-week use brown contacts online or from your local optician for around $20 to $50 per pair. However, it’s important to practice good hygiene, such as washing your hands before handling the lenses and cleaning them with a special solution before storing them in a case.

While colored lenses can make your eyes look beautiful, it’s important to be careful when choosing the color. For instance, wearing the wrong color in certain settings could lead to problems. One should be aware of the possibility of getting confused by the coloring direction which can lead to embarrassment in public settings.

Colored contact lenses like gray contacts are the ultimate accessory for those who want to add some spice to their style and express their personality. Whether you’re going for a natural or glamorous look, there is a colored contact lens color that is perfect for you. So, why not give it a try and see the world from a different angle? You can easily shop for colored lenses online, including rare colors.

For many people, colored contact lenses have become an essential part of their makeup and personal style. With so many different types available, it can be overwhelming to choose the right one. In this article, we will introduce the types and characteristics of colored lenses and recommend some popular brands that can be purchased online.

Firstly, there are two main types of colored lenses: daily disposable and monthly disposable. Daily disposable colored contacts, also known as dailies, are designed to be worn for a single day and then discarded. The advantages of dailies include their convenience and hygiene, as well as the ability to easily change the color and design. However, they can be more expensive than monthly contacts and generate more waste.

Monthly disposable colored contacts, also known as monthlies, can be worn for up to a month and require daily cleaning, disinfection, and storage. The advantages of monthlies include their lower cost compared to dailies and their durability. However, they require more maintenance and carry a higher risk of infection if not cared for properly. Additionally, some people may grow tired of wearing the same color or design for an entire month.

When choosing the color of your contact lenses, consider factors such as your natural eye color, skin tone, hair color, and personal style. You may also want to choose different colors for different occasions or settings. For example, brown lenses can create a natural look that is suitable for everyday situations such as work or school. Brown lenses can also make the eyes appear larger and create a gentle atmosphere.

Colored contact lenses offer a fun and easy way to enhance your personal style. Whether you prefer the convenience of dailies or the cost-effectiveness of monthlies, there is a wide range of colors and designs to choose from.

Here are 5 recommended colored contact lenses for 2023 that you can conveniently purchase online:

1. Brown Colored Contacts:

Brown contacts create a natural and gentle impression, making them perfect for everyday use. They are popular and suitable for most eye colors. If you have large black eyes, you can choose a lighter shade such as pale brown or beige to add depth to your eyes. People with small black eyes can opt for darker shades such as dark brown or chocolate to make their eyes look deeper and more attractive.

2. Gray Colored Contacts:

Gray contacts create a cool and sophisticated impression, making them perfect for special occasions and parties. Choose a shade that complements your skin tone. For example, if you have fair skin, a light gray or silver shade will make your eyes stand out. People with darker skin can opt for darker shades such as dark gray or charcoal to enhance their eyes.

3. Blue Colored Contacts:

Blue colored contacts create a bold and glamorous look, making them perfect for special occasions such as parties and dates. Choose a shade that complements your skin tone. For example, if you have fair skin, a light blue or sky blue shade will create a neat and cute look. People with light brown skin can choose darker shades such as navy or royal blue to create a sexy and mature look.

4. Green Colored Contacts:

Green colored contacts create a refreshing and energetic impression, making them perfect for spring and summer. Choose a shade that complements your hair color. For example, if you have dark or brown hair, a vibrant shade such as emerald or forest green will make your eyes stand out. Blondes and redheads can choose lighter shades such as mint or cactus green to create a kinder look.

5. Black Colored Contacts:

Black colored circle lenses create an intense and mysterious look, making them perfect for dramatic occasions such as Halloween or cosplay events. They are suitable for all skin tones and hair colors and can be worn with a variety of makeup styles to create different effects.

Standard contact lenses are made to correct eyesight, whereas coloured lenses are used for cosmetic reasons. These days, you can get your hands on lenses of both varieties. It’s not hard to get normal lenses if you just follow your eye doctor’s prescription. When it comes to choosing coloured lenses, you now have more variety. What colour would complement your skin tone? I was wondering what lens you think would be ideal for your needs. Why do you wish to start using circle lenses? These are the kind of things you should think about while deciding which lens to buy.

So, Just What Are These Circle Lenses?

Circle lenses are adored by many people thanks of the illusion that they generate, despite the fact that they appear to be the same as standard colored contacts. By expanding the appearance of the iris, they may trick onlookers into thinking that the eye is bigger than it really is. Trendy doll eyes are all the rage in South Korea, the nation where these contact lenses were initially invented.

Some of the characteristics that set these unusual lenses distinct from their more common relatives are as follows:

  • They have colour not just inside the iris, but also around it. In the iris’s perimeter, the colour is almost black. That’s why it seems like the eyes are bigger than they are.
  • Because of the many various options for customising their appearance, circle contact lenses are a great choice for practically every eye. The eyes might seem larger or brighter depending on the product.
  • Because of their soft lens construction, circular contacts are more comfortable to wear and can be adjusted more easily than rigid gas permeable lenses.
  • These cosmetic lenses may be worn continuously for a full year from the date of purchase.
  • These specialized colored contact lenses provide the highest level of clarity for Asian eyes since they were developed with Asian eyes in mind.

Suggestions for Choosing the Right Circular Lens

There are a few considerations to make while shopping for the ideal pair of colored lenses.

Tone of Skin

If your complexion is fair, you can get away with almost any colour palette. But if you’re going for a really dolled-up look, black-rimmed lenses are the way to go. The prescription colored contacts without black rims will look best on those with darker skin tones.

Several different hues and designs are presented for these contact lenses. Choose the one that best reflects your personality or way of life. Employ lenses with a diameter of 14.0 mm if you want to obtain a more natural look that exposes only the faintest trace of enlargement.


Whenever you wear circle lenses, people will look at your face more intently. This is especially true if the colour you choose is drastically different from the tone of your eyes. Make sure the lens you choose complements your cosmetics (if you wear some). Feel free to forego makeup if that’s more your style, but if you do wear any, choose a colour that will highlight your eyes. Its radiance will illuminate your whole face, making you seem even more attractive than you really are.Finally, go for circle lenses from a reputable manufacturer. You should never go for the cheap ones that compromise your health.

Irises of a magnificent honey colour and brown tone will surely wow your guests. How about ones that, when illuminated, look like sapphires? Colored contact lenses are a fun way to spice up your appearance and draw attention to your eyes, which are the portals to your personality. Putting on colored contact lenses to alter your look may be an exciting and entertaining experience.

Think About This

There has never been a moment when there were so many different kinds of colored contacts to choose from. Obviously, additional research is required on your side, so get to it. Finding glasses that work for your specific needs and complement your eye colour may be challenging. To provide just one example, there are contact lenses that are specifically made for those with light eyes.

Contact-lens-adorned eyes of various hues

One of the first things to think about while shopping for the finest colored contacts lenses is how natural you want them to seem. Hence, the starting point will be immediately apparent to you based on the current colour of your eyes. If you want to make a grand theatrical statement, you should talk to the people who handle the special effects. Never before has it been so easy to fool others into thinking you’re a vampire from the Twilight series.

Assorted Colored Contact Lenses

The majority of coloured contacts totally normalise the wearer’s eye colour. In this case, we’re talking about fine-tunings that will make your eyes pop.

The irises of both of your eyes feature lovely, organic curves and lines. Tinted contact lenses are designed with a similar pattern, with coloured dots and lines radiating outward from the centre. The inspiration for these designs comes from the natural patterning and texturing of iris blossoms. Here you can see the elements responsible for giving the appearance of natural eye colour.

Furthermore, the crystalline structure of the lens in each eye is kept unobscured by the clear lens in the centre of each contact lens. You couldn’t make anything out if the landscape wasn’t broken up by clearings. These colours in the colored lenses serve several purposes. Let’s go further into what each variation does and how it could (or might not) change the appearance of your eyes.

Glare-Reducing Tints

While contact lens colouring is the most common choice, it has nothing to do with vanity. Whether the lenses are in their case, the user’s hands, or the washbasin, the wearer can always see them clearly owing to the visibility tint. It emits a dazzling blue or green glow that facilitates lens insertion and aids in recovering misplaced circle lenses.

Enhancing Tints

As compared to the transparent tone of visibility tints in the prescription colored contacts, the transparent tone of enhancement tints is much darker. They are great if your eyes are already a light tint, since they draw attention to your eyes.

Non-transparent tints

In addition to transparent and enhanced tints, opaque tints are also a kind of coloured contact lens. For folks with dark eyes, these opaque contacts are the best option. They cause a noticeable shift and might make you seem so different that even your closest friends won’t recognise you.

Colored contacts have become a wildly popular option to give
your beauty routine some fantastic pop and drama. Whether you are emulating the
latest K-pop craze or want to turn heads when hitting brunch with your friends,
using colored lenses to accentuate the mystery and allure behind your eyes is
an excellent option.

 However, choosing the best possible color that brings out those unique qualities and natural tones in your skin is crucial to achieving the perfect look. That is why we wanted to gather the best tips our team has for selecting incredible circle lenses that compliment your skin tone. Let’s dive in!

Start by Determining Your Skin Tone

You cannot paint a masterpiece without having a canvas. The same is true for colored contacts. The first step in choosing the perfect colored lenses is to determine your unique skin tone. These range from cool to neutral
to warm and everything in between.

The goal is to find quality colored contacts that appear
somewhat invisible, so they align with your natural appearance. Unless you want
to stand out for cosplay for a special event. You also don’t want to select a
pair that superimpose over your natural eyes, so they look more fitting to your
presentation and fashion sense.

In general, your skin tone will be:

 1 – Cool Skin Tone

You are looking at the undertones in your skin to see what fits
best. A cool undertone appears pink or light blue in complexion. Your veins will lean more toward the blue spectrum, and you may be considered “fairer” in appearance. Another big hint is if you burn easily under the sun or rarely get tan.The best-fit colored lenses for you will be in shades of blue,green, purple, or gray. These create a more homogenous and natural look that creates eye-to-skin harmony.

2 – Warm Skin Tone

A warm skin tone is a little bit of the opposite of cool. Your
undertones appear more yellow or eave with some peachy/golden to medium dark
features. Your veins will typically lean toward a green spectrum. You easily get tan under the sun and rarely receive a burn.

For you, check out the colored lenses in shades of brown, orange, and yellow. You should also consider hazel or light blue, as these will contrast pleasantly with your darker shade.

3 – Neutral Skin Tone

We saved neutral skin for last because you are essentially in
between light and warm tones. Your undertones will have a good mix of cool and warm features, and your veins will be a blend of blue and green. You also can
tan in the sun but will get burned if you stay out too long. You are one of the lucky ones because you can wear practically any circle lens color. However, be sure to look at light browns, hazels, and greens, as these are popular with current influencers and compliment your skin the most.

Don’t Forget Hair Color

After you have taken the time to consider your skin tones, be
sure to look in the mirror at your gorgeous hair. The color of your locks, regardless of style, can impact the way colored lenses appear on your face.

In general, warmer tones work best with brunettes, while cooler
tones are better for blondes. If you are touched by fire with red or auburn hair, consider moving to colored contacts in various shades of green or blue.

Black hair is the lucky winner in this category. That allows you
to paint your eyes with pretty much any color you want.

Be Sensitive to the Season and Special Occasions Your skin tone may shift according to the time of year or when you are attending special occasions. It is no big secret that we can all get a
little flushed in the face at a wedding or dance with that special someone a little too closely. That is why you want to consider having a decent selection of colored lenses to pick from at your home beauty station. That way, no matter if
you are hitting a costume party or getting ready for a gala, you are well covered.

Caring for Your Colored Contacts

Now that you’ve spent the time to find the best-colored contacts
for your skin tone, you need to maintain those items using some simple cleaning and storage suggestions. The goal should be to maintain the quality of the
color by handling them gently and avoiding harsh chemicals. Other tips include: Use a gentle
contact lens solution Always wash your hands before handling the lenses Store circle lenses in a clean, dry case and replace the solution regularly Never share your colored contacts with anyone else Remove the
contact before sleeping and showering Following these tips ensure your colored contacts from LensTown remain in the best shape for your beauty routine.


With the tips we’ve outlined above, you should be able to select the perfect colored contacts that suit your unique skin tone. Remember to take
good care of your lenses and have fun trying on different shades for added drama or personality.

Whether you are looking for a subtle beauty accent or a more
intense appearance to shock and awe, we have a wide selection of the best colored contacts. Shop today and transform your eyes into mysterious pools of wonder and delight, enhanced by our team at LensTown!

The Untold Story of
the Invention of Soft Contacts Lenses

Have you ever wondered how colored contacts
lenses were made? The Colored contacts online shopping site [LENSTOWNUS] has
published a series of insider stories about the invention and manufacturing
process of soft contact lenses. This is the first article in the series.

 In the past, contact lenses made of hard materials were the mainstream, but "colored contacts lenses" have appeared that are more comfortable and convenient than them. This article explains in detail its history, how it is manufactured, and how to care for it.
Why don't you break free from your glasses in the future and experience the sensation of "gently wrapping around your eyes"?

 How did the idea for colored contacts lenses come about?

 The impetus for the birth of soft contact lenses was research conducted in the United States in the 1950s. At that time, hard contact lenses were the mainstream, but we were looking for an improvement plan due to their comfort and problems with use.

 Meanwhile, plastics manufacturer Optical Age (now J&J Vision) has developed a new material with high oxygen permeability: hydroxyethyl methacrylate (HEMA). This material is also used in the medical field because it is soft and stretchy, and has an affinity with the human body.

In 1961, American optical engineer Otto Wichterle used HEMA to produce the first flexible contact lens. He worked on
handmade things at home and made improvements such as having his wife and children try them on. The result is the soft contact lenses that we are familiar with today.

 Wichterle later obtained a number of patents and was dubbed the "father of flexible polymer science."

How were early soft contact lenses made?

 Early soft contact lenses were very primitive compared to modern technology. The first molding method was made by
heating and melting plastic.

 First, a small dome-shaped metal mold is prepared. The polymer material (usually PMMA) is then cut into thinly rolled plates.

 These plates are then heated and softened on the mold and molded to an exact radius of curvature. This process was often
done manually and was very time consuming.

However, since the 1960s, advances in new manufacturing methods and material technologies have led to various
improvements such as improved productivity and lower costs. Today it is also possible to mass-produce contact lenses using advanced technologies and automation systems.

 Even today soft contact lenses are patronized by people. However, in recent years, development for special
purposes such as digital device users and dryness countermeasures has
progressed, and more comfortable and effective products

Development of the latest soft contact lenses

 The development of modern soft contact lenses was greatly helped by scientific and technological progress. In the late 1960s and early 1970s, flexible and transparent materials called polymer materials began to be used, which gave rise to a new generation of soft contact lenses.

 This new material is breathable and feels easy on the eyes. In addition, it can be used for a long time because it does not wear out. Since then, improvements have been made, and today there are various types of soft contact lenses.

 For example, some are daily disposable (disposable for one day) and weekly disposable (disposable for one week), which change over time. Colored contacts lenses are also popular and you can enjoy a wide variety
of shades.

 Even today, research and development has not stopped. We are always trying and failing to find more comfortable and safe
products. Colored Contacts Lenses Medical Technology

How to care for soft contact lenses?

 Colored contacts lenses are useful items used to correct vision, but they can cause eye problems if used without knowing
how to use and care for them correctly. To maintain eye health, you should also pay attention to the following points:

 The first and most important thing is to always wash your hands. It is necessary to keep the lenses clean with a suitable disinfectant. Also, to protect it from dirt and hair, store it in a
special storage box.

 An even more important caveat is that you should never take it off before going to bed. Even while sleeping, tears flow due to blinking, but that amount does not provide sufficient slippage, causing friction and damage. The same may apply during other sports and swimming.

Finally, please operate according to the firm instructions. Even if you just "leave it on once", it is
dangerous and cannot be recommended. Let's read and understand "disposable" etc. carefully.

 Compliance with all these procedures will allow you to properly care for Colored contacts lenses.

Country of manufacture China Korea
Authentic from authorized distributors Unverified
Full power range (to -8.00)
Free defective or wrong product exchange
Based on the world's best color lens technology