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Charging 120% sugar content! Sweetness amplifying styling. The upcoming Valentine's  Day in February! Let me introduce the Valentine's Day styling that will amplify the sweetness that can only be felt in February. Sweet and moist 

Use a matt base product to give a soft feeling up with a subtle shade color to give depth to the eyelids!

Put large particles of glitter on the center and under your eyes to create a refreshing image. If you use a pink blush and lipstick, Valentine's Day makeup with 120% sugar content is complete.

Feel the soft change of image with a tone brighter brown color than dark black. If you add a thick wave perm like it's flowing, it's perfect!

Pastel colors that go well with the upcoming spring, Valentine's Day! Wear a soft pastel blouse or shirt! Match bright bottoms or jeans to complete the mood goddess look!