Angel French Brown (2pcs / 6Months)

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  • Diameter 14.2mm
  • Graphic size 13.4mm
  • Period of use 6 months
  • water of content 40% 
  • Contains Bottle (2pcs)

The thin, casual border and high-colored brown color blend in with the eyes to create a cute and integrated look.
It's designed to incorporate fashion, so it's perfect for everyday use or for special days and events.
The size of the eyes is easy to adapt to the calculated color development.

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Customer Reviews

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Bailey Black

I ordered about 10 different pairs of color contacts from Lens Town. (I was trying to hit their free shipping quota, lol) Of all the one I've tried I keep reaching for these. I didn't think I would like them when I first saw them because they were too bright but as soon as I put them on-they became my favorite. They are more dramatic than some of the other brown color contacts that Lenstown offers. They match my ash blonde hair exactly so it's super fun to experiment with it. The color I would describe as a khaki olive greenish brown.

One last thing-they are super comfortable to wear all day long. I don't know what kind of lens material Lenstown uses but it's super amazing. I usually can't wear contacts longer than 3 hours because it just drives my eyes out to the point it hurts. But not with Lenstown contacts. I recently wore them all day for a business conference (total 10 hrs.) and my contacts never once bothered me!

I've include a photo what it looks like compare to my natural eye color. Hopefully this will help you decide as to whether you want to purchase them or not.

sexy look

it has unique and popping eyes.