It's Natural Cappuccino (2pcs / 3Months)

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  • DIA : 14.2mm
  • G.DIA : 13.5mm
  • Period of use : 3 Months
  • Material : P.C Silicone
  • Contains :  1p in 1pack (2p)

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
very good

better than i expected

Graphic Diameter Very large

The lens itself is sooo comfortable and feels very nice on the eye. Much better than other websites I've tried. However the graphic diameter was much too large to look natural on me; would be 5 stars otherwise. When I look up or to the side, you can clearly see the outline of my real iris and whites surrounding it through the lens. If you have very small irises like mine I would try to measure and make sure the size is correct for you. I would definitely buy again if they had a smaller diameter option.