Romantea London Olive Green

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  • Product: Romantea London Olive Green Colored Contacts
  • Type: 1 Month
  • Pieces: 2pcs / box
  • Total Dia: 14.5mm
  • Graphic Dia: 13.3mm
  • Base Curve: 8.6mm
  • Water Content: 38%
  • Material: HEMA


A larger graphic diameter lets your eyes stand out, while its playful yet muted hues keep it natural and realistic. Add these beauties to your daily rotation and prepare to receive compliments wherever you go.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Mrs. C.
Love them

As someone with Asian dark brown eyes, these were the perfect color, size and comfort. Did not irritate or cause my eyes harm. Looks natural and befitting to my Asian face. Love love love this precise brand and color.

Bailey Black
comfortable to wear and pretty olive green

This is a very pretty moss/olive green color contacts. It changes colors depending on the angle of the light which is they way natural eye color is. It's super comfortable to wear for 8 hours. I was worried about this because for me personally I can only tolerate regular contacts for about 3 hours (tops) and then they're just way to dry for me. But I've been able to wear all of Lenstown's color contacts for 6+ hours or longer with no dryness what so ever. I'm super pleased with this product and will definitely come back to buy more.

i love the color

These lenses are so comfortable and i love the color


So natural looking and very light weighted
color is also natural and beautiful♥️


look very realistic and comfortable i love them